Friday, June 13, 2008

Deliberate is difficult!

Strange as it may seem – the most difficult things in life are the ones we deliberately do. From waiting forever not marrying until a ‘right age’ to choosing the ‘right popular career’ (as against pursuing the career of your choice), there seems nothing right about the ‘right’. We all deliberately choose to live in the typecasted, society certified cocoons just to ensure that we are as “successful” as “success” defined by the society. The result is the world today wears a mask and despite global warming, it is ensured that the ‘cool quotient’ is always Kool. Kool has a strange definition – it is how others feel when they look at me and no more, how I feel when I look into the mirror. May be the mirror is also enough thoughtful to portray the ‘Kool’ image of me and not my image for the fear of non conformance.

As if he saw the future, T.S.Eliot commented about a hundred years back,
“Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

We live till the time we are our very ownselves; till the time we do what we like and choose to look into the mirror to see what appears and not what is displayed (by the very society loyal mirror).

So, dare to dream your own dreams and pull your sleeves and socks to live upto them!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheer up, You are a winner!

Random thoughts: Cheer up, You are a winner!

Its funny how life slams brakes on things you want to go full throttle on and just when you start to enjoy the gush of cool air and the view around, your realize you are on a downward slope – trying hard to slow so that you savor the surroundings. In both these ‘situations’ there is a commonality though – the slamming of the brakes! An act very synonymous with phases like ‘slowing down growth’, ‘stunned growth’ and ‘marginalizing growth”, Stupid as it may sound – I find growth to be the next common word in the write up thus far. However, what is interesting is that how most of us relate our taking a deep breath and enjoying the environment, to our ‘diminishing growth rate’.

The journey called life can be best compared to a walk in the woods. Different approaches for different travelers. Some, the ‘fast and the furious’ kinds like to make it a dash to the other end. The other ‘not so fast and the curious’, like to stop by and have a nice look and feel of the surroundings and carry on with their saunter.

Also, there are these third category who every now and then, take a nice nap followed by 100 meters dashes – more like the hares from the tortoise-hare story (not to conclude that they will be the losers). The beauty of the journey is that there are no first prizes for the people who clear the woods first. Nor are there any brownie points for the people who have researched the woods enough.

What matters in this journey is the prize which we give ourselves, at the completion – based on whether we have raced enough or whether we have discovered enough. Life ensures that each one of are victor by ensuring that each one of us is our own examiner and the examinee.