Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you think Passion is all that you need for winning??

I was reading an article the other day. It spoke remarkably about passion and talent…

I am sure almost all of us would have come across such people who are very passionate about something but even then they don’t seem to do so well in that particular field. They are just unable to get much success in that domain despite of having an unquenchable passion for it. In fact in some cases passion even changes to obsession.

Today is the world of realty TV shows. Everyone is going gaga over them! I guess every channel has one or the other reality show going on at one point of time so each one of us would have surely come across them. They can be competitions of dancing, singing, cooking and even of being the SUPERSTUD (remember???I know strange!) Anyways, don’t you think each and every contestants in these shows seems to be equally passionate for their domain (except superstud! because they niether look passionate nor talented), they all have such an insatiable urge to win, to get success in their own field. It sometimes, actually can flabbergast the viewers. You just feel to get into the TV and hug them! People who do not have passion for the domain doesn’t even get a chance to take part in these competitions!

But then starts the process of elimination. People start getting purged every week; they do not succeed even after having the same passion as others who succeed! So, is it all about passion? What do you think? If it had been the case that just and just incredible passion is required for getting success then there should have been no competitions, no challenges and yes, no eliminations… Everyone would have been the winner.  Then what is it that decides a person’s fate in any field? Guess its talent. It plays a very vital role in achieving success in the field you have passion for!

Creating passion for something is very easy but becoming talented in it is something which is hard and is something which defines your success in that field.

I do not have to go far to search for another example to prove itJ. I can find one in me as well! I love dancing. Believe me, its something which I just cannot live without. It is the only medium for me to release all the negative and depressed thoughts from within me! It makes me happy, makes me overjoyed. It has a power to take me into the world of ecstasy. I can dance for 'n' no of hours at a single stretch. And even, I dance well on a disco floor (people say so :D).  Taking this passion of mine into consideration, I thought to take it to the next level and so, joined a dance school. And then I realized, it needs much more than just passion to become a real champion of any domain! I did pretty ok but surely not up to my expectations which I had before joining!

So, it requires a balanced amalgamation of both talent and passion to win. The day you discover your passion for something, start enhancing it from the very same day. It would require a lot of hard work to become talented in any field. So work on it and make yourself perfect in  thatJ and then yes, then nobody can stop you from winning.

Keep smilingJ

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The suffocation of living in a fish bowl

This piece is about a friend of mine in school. We studied together for 5 years from high school till graduation. She is somebody who is a perfect example of how marriage (or may be your in laws!) can change your whole life, whole personality! How it can construct or ruin you… When one sees such incidents happening around, the belief that a girl’s life completely depends on her next family becomes stronger!
Anyways, let me first give a snapshot of her personality before she got married. Adjectives like bold, brave and audacious are the ones which could define her perfectly! She was a tigress! Nobody in College ever dared to even look straight in her eyes. She was a persona of courage who had the power to stand against the gundas of our college. And the most important characteristic of her: she never used to crib or cry!
But now, now she is completely a different person or rather I should say she is completely contrary to what she was! She got married 2 years back! I called her up on her birthday few days back and as soon as I said ‘hi, happy bday’, she started crying! I dint knew what to do, what to say because I had never seen her this way.  So, I just maintained silence and kept on listening. She would have cried for atleast 5 mins continuously and then, stopped suddenly as if she got to remember that I was on call. She simply kept the phone down without saying anything. Then, I called her up again after a couple of days and asked her the reason. Obviously she was quite reluctant to reveal anything initially. But when I insisted too much, she had to take all that out! What she told me completely astonished me.
For the last 2 years of her marriage, she had been living with her in laws and her husband had been residing in some other city for his job. She had never ever been to her husband’s place. He comes home once every alternative weekend so practically, they had not even spent 50 days together in the last 2 years!
Moreover, she wakes up at 4 am in the morning. Take a bath and finishes off all the prayers, makes breakfast for everyone, serves it, and then clean the utensils. Then, she cleans, sweep and mob the house. Then again, prepares the lunch, give it to everyone and clean the utensils!  Then do some household work, again does the same thing: makes the dinner, clean the utensils and then finally goes to bed! I mean this is what her life has become. And yes, she is not allowed to step out of her house. She has to keep ‘pallu’ on her head 24*7.
Despite of doing all this, she doesn’t have that respect, that love which she deserves, which her sister-in-laws get! The worst was when nobody wished her on her birthday… Her husband never gives her a single penny. In the 2 years of marriage, she has not bought a single thing for herself or her parents!
And yes, needless to say that as a part of custom her parents gifted her (or her in laws!) all the furniture and electronics required in a house and yes, she even got a car in her marriage.
I had no words when I heard all this from her. She, obviously dint mean to criticize her in laws. If she meant to do so, she would have told me all this much before! She was just taking out all that she had kept hidden somewhere inside her!  And she told me all this in simple words, she dint use any harsh word against anybody or anything… She dint even sounded complaining, she just sounded worried and tired! She just sounded as if she was missing someone who should be next to her! This is the greatness of this girl which her in laws are blinded towards!
Isn’t that weird to know that a girl in today’s world has not stepped out of her house in last 2 years apart from being to her parent’s home? And yes, let me mention here that she is well educated and was doing a job before marriage which off course, she is no more allowed to pursue!
But my point is cant her in laws see what they have been doing to her, to her life. Atleast her husband should have realized this! Its so wrong to make a person lead his/her life in a way which he/she doesn’t want to. Its so wrong to control and influence somebody’s life to an extent that his/her complete personality gets changed or infact, gets reversed. And in this case, all this is being done because she is a girl! Her in laws behaves as if they have done some favor to her by getting her married to their son…
Imagine the plight of that girl. How she would be breathing, how she would be living in that house where nobody ever made an effort to make her feel that its her home too.
Its her life, ideally she should live it the way she wants. I believe that there is just one life we get and we should not let it go for people who don’t care for you. It is out of my imagination how that girl is doing so much for somebody whom she doesn’t even love! I am sure she doesn’t love him because one needs space and time to love somebody which her family never granted her! You just can’t start loving somebody without any efforts being made from the other person to make you fall in love with him. Can you?
The mentality of people like my friend’s in laws is abstruse!! May be its too harsh to say but such people are sick! They believe they are still living in some 18th century. They still believe that daughter in laws are bought to be made slaves and they can control their lives as they want! Why don’t they just keep a full time maid if they really can’t handle their household things themselves? Oh, sorry in that case they will have to pay a heavy amount to her for a work of 2-3 hrs and in other case, the maid is fulltime, is  absolutely free and on top of everything, she brings loads and tons of gold, house hold paraphernalia, vehicle with her so this way of hiring a maid is better. Any clever person will opt for the later option! Right?
But the worst is her husband who had married her with the vow to keep her happy always and had made her life hell in just 2 years.
Hats off to her who is living in such a place with patience and is still, maintaining her calm, who has not broke off even after bearing so much!
Seeing her I feel that she is like the fish in a fish bowl that can see the world outside but can’t go out. Prior coming to this bowl, it had an amazing home of a river or an ocean, where it used to roam around freely and then, one day it gets captured and is being put in a small bowl of almost no dimensions compared to its original home! But it becomes her written fate to survive there for the rest of it’s life!  It has to live in that small world whether happily or sadly, a world where there are no doors, no windows to escape, where it has to actually live on the mercy of her master…
I feel terrible to see how her family has changed her life! How this new life of hers have destroyed her individuality, personality and persona. Her family has actually killed her real self. She is now a dummy/ a mannequin which breaths…
Please respect other’s independence and their individuality!  And do not treat people as slaves and servants!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ambitions Vs. Happiness!

They used to say that I was a very ambitious person.  Somebody who was always behind something and just could not breathe till it was achieved! True! I WAS like that. Yes I was… not anymore!

In the initial phase of my career, I was one of those who used to work tremendously hard. I used to hate going home early as it was something equal to wasting time for me. I used to feel that the same time could be actually consumed productively if devoted to work. I used to work till late nights, used to take up assignments blindly without even thinking about the pressure, there were no weekends for me! Actually this word ‘Work Pressure’ never existed in my dictionary. People at work, who know me well and who doesn’t know me at all, used to define me as a very energetic, over enthusiastic person, somebody with crazy vigor… But in all this, I never realized that I was missing something so precious, something so valuable and that was my family!
The success and all, no doubt gave me an ample amount of confidence, happiness and pleasure but it never gave me satisfaction.  Never! The more success and appreciation I got, the more I became addicted to it, the more I became unsatisfied, the more I became restless, the more I became unfulfilled…   I simply used to become so fidgety on days when I used to not do something different, something unique! The definition of such days completely changed for me.  I started calling them ‘Bad Days’!  And my mood completely started depending on such days! Guess, I had become over ambitious!

On the other hand was the man of my life: my husband who was entirely opposite to me: calm, cool and always satisfied with life whatever happens! I had never ever seen him displeased or sad or angry due to anything at work. And believe me I had also not seen somebody so happy, so satisfied with life, somebody who never ever had any complaints from life. He was among those rare people who never ran behind materialistic things. He was among those few who believed in enjoying life, for whom work was important in the premises of only working hours. He, no doubt gave his 100% in those hours but once he was out of office meant he was just and just for himself and his family…
I am really so fortunate that I have somebody of these rare characteristics in my life but I am also little unfortunate as it took me so many years to learn these valuable things from him.

Yes, no doubt, I am changed now. I have created a balance between both the things in my life: my ambitions and my happiness.  I cannot leave my ambitions because they are ones which defines my entire individuality, which defines me as a person, which makes me stand out, which makes me what I am!

But yes, I have removed the word “over” from over ambitious. I know the limits now and adhere to them may what comes! Now I just don’t allow my office problems to sore my personal life! After office hours, I am just and just for my family! I still have the same ambitions as before but the way to reach them is changed now. I have learnt to achieve them by not keeping my happiness on stake and believe me, the feeling is so amazing! I am a much happier person now! Now, there are no more ‘bad days’ in my life. Life is filled with just and just good days.
This is one of the best changes which I have bought in my personality!

I have learnt to enjoy life in real terms now and I am just loving it…

Friday, September 16, 2011

Inventions of transitionary technology!

I still remember the first time I heard about a mobile! I was in 8th or 9th std and got so much fascinated by the idea of carrying a phone wherever you go!  I used to ask my dad to buy one. But then spending 14 Rs /min for just talking to somebody was something which was out of reach for any middle class person! I used to think that if ever I possess a mobile, will be like a dream come true.

Then just after 4-5 years, in my graduation, I was an owner of a mobile and it was no big deal for me or for anybody else for that matter. 

Same was the case with desktop. People who used to have desktops used to be considered rich and weathly and knowledgeable too as they used to use computers! But then, after few years, everybody had them and infact, now they are in the dying phase.

Likewise happened with laptops! Initially, when they were introduced in the market, everybody went crazy for them. Everywhere there was news about laptops and everyone wanted to have them. Then again after 2-3 years, laptops became something very common. Something which almost everybody had and it became a necessity. They actually were the reason of desktops getting succumbed!

Then came the era of netbooks and notebooks which off course dint stay for long. They were all the rage at the beginning. People declared them the future of computing, and so forth. But you barely see them mentioned anymore…  

And now is the world for tablet. It is spreading like madness, like some disease. Everyone wants to have a tablet and owning one have almost become a status symbol. They are the new soup du jour. But we will come to know the future of it in next 2 years. There can be anyone one case from the possible two options: Either everyone will own a tablet like mobiles and laptops or they will get vanished like netbooks and we’ll all be writing articles on “Remember the thing called tablet?” But I guess, the possibility of the later case is higher and there are many reasons for it. The main one being that it is something which is not a necessity. It can’t become a mobile and cannot even take the place of a laptop. There is nothing unique about them. One surely can’t buy a tablet to replace either of these devices; it only adds something as a third device. You can't really use a Tab while walking down the street because it's too big for that and so you can’t replace your mobiles with it. And there are many heavy computing tasks that a tablet cannot do like photoshop etc, which means ditching your laptop or desktop altogether would be something you'd regret later. So, it is something which is a luxury to own. Or it can be said that this is also a silly invention of transitionary technology which offcourse only future can confirmJ

But yes, the pace at which there were changes in the technology is appreciable and something to be admired!  We had mobiles, laptops and now, an (almost) amalgamation of both in the tablet!

Ditto happened with TVs, VCRs (if anyone remember), CD players, DVD players, CD music systems, cassette players (which is now an extinct device)! But all these gadgets have their own long storyJ

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prove your faith in God!

I have always shared a peculiar relationship with God. I mean I do not visit temples much, I do not fast, I do not light a lamp every morning at home, I don’t chant bhajans sitting in front of God, I do not offer him food before I eat, I don’t offer money to temples, I don’t do any of the defined things which can prove my faith in God. But is doing these defined things the only way which can identify my faith in God and label me as a believer in him. Despite of not doing any of these things, I can say very strongly that I do believe in him. I don’t do any of the defined things but I do things which I feel God would be happy to see me doing! And that is my way of showing love and faith in my diety!

I think rather than visiting temples, people should visit orphanages and just have a word with the orphans who will be immensely happy to see people caring about them!  Rather than fasting, just thank God once everyday to give you the food of the day! Rather than lighting a lamp every morning, just think about him once every morning when you open your eyes! Rather than sitting and chanting bhajans in front of him for hours, just talk to him sincerely for 5 mins daily! Rather than offering food to God statues (which definitely goes waste afterwards), just give it to some person who would be hungry or atleast give to some street animals! Rather than giving money in temples, give it in some orphanage or in some old age home! It will help somebody needing it!

This is all I think can define your faith in your God! He will definitely be happy to see you doing these things and will agree to your faith in him. Doing worldly defined things will only prove your faith in God in front of people. And only losers tend to prove something in front of other people!
I also believe that he would be sitting somewhere on the seventh sky and noticing everybody! I mean some power has to be there to run this wide and huge world! It just can’t go on by itself. Somebody has to be there who manages this complex thing of life and death. And if somebody wouldn’t have been there then I am sure Man would have been able to solve this mystery of life and death.
Anyways, coming back to God, want to mention here that I am a follower of Lord Ganesh. And this faith of mine in him is not recent; its been there since childhood: since I could remember I understood the meaning of God. He has a sort of energy, some sort of power. Whenever I see any of his statues, I feel like his eyes are speaking, his eyes are talking to me! This is the power this deity has! Just thinking about him makes me overwhelm. He has that effect on his devotees. Whenever I feel like asking something from him, I become wordless! I just keep on staring him and staring him and staring him. He never gave me a chance to put my wishes in words! Instead, whenever I think about him, I get a assurance in my heart that he knows all that I want and he will give me all that at the right time! This is what he is. The power, the command this God owns should be experienced, should be felt. I just get carried away whenever I think about him!

Even after my immense faith in him, I am not in favor of immersing his idol in water. And the reason, you would have known from my last post!

Anyways, trust him, have faith in him! And never ever worry about anything as he is there for and with everyone: people who believe him and even with people who don’tJ

Keep smilingJ

Ganesh Immersion: Dont make it a pain for God!!

I was astonished to see the way people go crazy on Ganesh Chaturthi! Well before going further, let me clarify that I am somebody who has enormous belief in Lord Ganesha!

Coming back to the point, we have a very small lake here in Hyderabad. Every year, on Ganesh Charuthi thousands of clay made Ganesh statues are dumped in it which spoils and destroys the water in the lake. People do not understand that the statues made up of plaster of paris and clay do not get dissolved in the water which leads to the degradation of water quality. Even the siltation gets added up because of the toxic plastic and fluorescent paints which are used in the making of the idols.

Secondly, on the day of Ganesh immersion and even the next day to it, the whole road (which is one of the main roads) is blocked causing immense trouble to people and paralyzing the whole city! I mean, forget about travelling on the same day of immersion, but even next day it can take you hours just to cover a distance of 15 kms! I mean one should be considerate towards others as well! And moreover, think about people from other religions. What would they be thinking about us? About our religion? Why should we give trouble to others who doesn’t even follow our ideals?

Lets have a look at this from other angle as well, how can people immerse their God in water which is dirty, which is so much polluted that it stinks like a sewage. In fact, everyone is aware of the fact that in spite of the commission of a sewage treatment, a large amount of untreated sewage, discharge, trash, garbage and industrial effluents flow into the lake which has contaminated the water completely. Would these people dare to dip their hand in this water? No, I don’t think so! Then, how can they put their God in such water. On one hand, we don’t carry slippers in temples; we insist on washing hands and feet before entering a temple because they are considered to be dirty then how come we dump our God in such unclean, polluted, stinking, smudged water which is actually a dump of sewage and industrial effluents?? Are we not being hypocrites?

Rather, if people have so much faith in God, and really want to do something for him, why don’t people make statues from sand or soil at home and then, immerse them into water filled in a new clean tub at home only! Leave it for sometime, till the statue gets dissolved in the water completely and then, dump that water in a plant: may be in the plant of Tulsi which is considered to be sacred in Hinduism? Imagine, this will solve all the problems and will surely make our God happy too. He will get place in clean water and then, will come back happily next year....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a woman wants?

The other day, I read an amazing story somewhere.

It goes like this:
Once a king was imprisoned by the monarch of the neighboring state. The monarch would have killed the king but he was really moved by the king’s youth. So, the monarch decided not to kill him and instead, give him his freedom if he is worth it. And so, he decided to take a small test of the imprisoned king. The monarch asked the king to find the answer of a question and even gave him the time span of a year. If the king gets the success in providing a satisfactory answer of that particular question in one year, he would be able to win his and his kingdom’s freedom forever but if he fails then he will have to die!

The question which the monarch had put up in front of the king was “What does a woman really wants?”
The king accepted the bet and so, was released for a year. Then, he devoted his days and nights in finding the answer of this question. He met all the women of his kingdom, even from other neighboring kingdoms, he took opinions from all the wise men, all the nobles. Some said all woman wants is money, others said happiness, some said family, others said children, some said precious jewelry, others said expensive cloths, some said peace, and others said beauty! But none of these could appeal the king
He even declared a heavy prize amount for anyone who would bring a satisfactory answer but no one was able to provide it to the king.
The time went on and on but the king was not able to find the answer. Then, few people advised the king to take advice from a witch who was very famous for her wits. But the king was reluctant as he was aware of the fact that the witch would not give the answer easily. She would surely demand for something huge in favor of giving the answer. And so, the king decided not to go to her and instead kept on meeting people and finding an appropriate answer.

But he wasn’t able to do that till the last day arrived! The king was sure that it was all over as nobody actually knew what a woman wants.

So, then on the suggestion of his best friend and one of the nobles, he finally decided to go to the witch as he was worried about his kingdom.

So, he went to her. On listening to the question, the witch smiled and agreed to answer the question at a price! The king would have to get her married to his best friend. The king was shocked as he could never pay this price for his life! She was ugly, hunchbacked, fiery, and scary, had just one tooth, smelled like sewage, had a harsh sound! Infact, on seeing her for the first time, king had thought that she was the worst thing he had ever faced in his life.

So, he decided not to go with the proposal further and surrender to the monarch the next day. But then, his best friend after learning about the whole thing, told the king that he was ready for the witch’s clause as it could save his friend’s life and even their kingdom and so, he convinced the king for it.

The king got them married the very same time and asked the witch for the solution. The witch said, “A woman only wants one thing and that is: To be the in charge of her own life.”
The king was immediately impressed and was sure that the same would overwhelm the monarch too. And so does happened. The monarch released him and his kingdom instantaneously after listening to his answer.

At night, when the king’s Best friend went to his palace for the first night, he was terrified, was almost steeling his sights from the most horrified view. But after entering the room, what he saw completely astonished him. He saw a beautiful lady with such a grace that he had never seen! The beautiful lady said that since he had been so kind to the kingdom and even to her, she had decided that she would be in her horrible deformed self only half the time and would be a beautiful maiden in the other half. She asked him for his preference on whether he want her to be beautiful during the day or the night.
Her husband replied that it’s her choice. She can decide the same according to her comfortability.
On hearing this, she was so impressed that she announced that she would be beautiful all the time as he had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

Friday, September 9, 2011

For - give or get: choice is yours!

One of the toughest things for us: humans is to forgive or forget somebody who has hurt us or gave us some sort of pain. Right? I mean we all love to read stories about people like Gandhiji who always responded with love to somebody’s hatred. But why is it that, when the same thing falls on us to be followed, we are unable to do it? Why is it so tough for us to follow the same principles…

Even i am no different. Or in fact i am worse! I just hate to forgive and forget those who had hurt me in some or the other way! Its one of the toughest thing for me to do! I am among those phychos who never forget their enemies and forgiving is something which doesnt exist in their dictionaries! But this is surely not something I am proud of.

But then gradually I realized one thing that not forgiving somebody and killing yourself by thinking about what happened is not a solution to the problem! It can do nothing to help you... Infact, it is better to let it go if you can’t forgive. And there is only one simple reason for that:

If you will not forgive or forget about the painful incident or the people who had hurt you, then you will surely keep mulling over it, whether you want it or not but it will always keep on playing at the back of your mind, then you will become angry or sad or depressed and because of all this, its you who will be in loss as it will negatively effect your health, your mental peace, your personal life and finally everything will go for a toss! And apparently, by making yourself suffer, you will make them (people who had hurt you) the winner unknowingly.

So, find out a way to show them that the obstacles created by them were just not enough to make you stop living your life happily! And the way to defeat them is to live a successful and happy life… Do it guys, and believe me they will be the one who will become restless and will start searching for the source of your happiness!

Believe in a fact that whatever a person does: good or bad comes back to him/her in one or the other form! As I always say, it all works in a cycle. So always think about the proverb “every dog has a day” and forgive them as they will get it back one fine day and you will surely get to see them in the same situation in which they made you fall in. So do not ruin your today by waiting for their tomorrow!

At last, even if keeping all the above in mind doesnt help you, then ask one question from yourself and believe me, you will surely surrender the negative thoughts: 'I can provoke a dog into barking whenever I want!!! If the world can provoke me into anger whenever they want, then what m I????"

Take a learning from each incident, chill, relax, smile and enjoy this amazing thing called Life...

The state our state is in!

Our country is going through a strange phase, a kind of peculiar turmoil! I mean from last one year, one or the other issue is getting emerged which leaves everyone in a state of shock and pain but there is very less, we can do about it…

It was truly so unfortunate to see a series of blasts happening in our country again and again! We all Indians have no option other than feeling sad and angry! And sadder is to hear the statements from our PM, home minister and other leaders post attacks and blasts!!! Guess, our government has got everything wrong, everything: from corruption to intelligence failures. Oh sorry, this time according to our honorable home minister Mr. P. Chidambaram “Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July, 2011” So, the Govt was aware of it since July and was waiting for it to happen and to share their condolences with the country again!

In the last one year, India has witnessed so many events that actually a complete history book can be published on that. There have been strikes, revolution, corruptions (uncountable), naxalism, terrorism, blasts! And yes, there are many other things which are happening in different parts of our country which we all have actually got used listening to. Daily I come across at least 3-4 cases of rape, harassment, crime, killing etc which is terribly sad!

This is all I get to read on news sites these days and yes, including some of very very silly news which our media loves to give hype to (Don’t know why, coz these news hardly matters to us: the readers)!! Like the other day I read a piece of news on times of India site about Gurgaon’s mayor’s losing his wallet! I mean is that news and that too, something to be published on the front page of a news site… Feel like telling them 'Guys, grow up!' And yes, Ms. Poonam pandey is never away from the homepages of almost all the news sites these days! Why does our media have to give leverage to such silly and dumb people who just want to be in news, somehow (even if that costs them to become nude)

Anyways, Wish there comes a time when everything becomes peaceful and almost perfect in our country where people start loving each other, religions start respecting each other, Govt start understanding people’s need and politicians start loving their country more than money, where a person of 74 yrs doesn’t have to fast for 13 days for the right demands.

Wish that day comes soon!!! I hope this all is not a call for Egypt kind of a revolution because I guess, now the patience of common people has come to a saturated point!

Fingers crossed and prayers to God for the well-being of our nation and everyone...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Question to God!

I really liked a message which was sent to me today morning by a friend and would love to share it with everyone. It goes like this:

A sweet question to God:
Teri duniya mein ye manjar kyun hai,
Kahin zakhm toh kahi peeth mein khanzar kyu hai,
Suna hai ki tu har zarre mein basta hai,
Toh zameen pe kahin maszid toh kahi mandir kyun hai!
Jab rehne wale is duniya ke hai tere hi bande,
Toh koi kisi ka dost toh koi kisi ka dushman kyu hai!

There is so much intensity, such a profound depth in each and every word of it! These few words have so much strength that they simply made me speechless…

Seasons: Metaphor for life?

Friday night it poured cats and dogs. I was sure that our weekend is going to be completely drenched which I, somehow dislike! This ‘dislike’ is not for the rain but yes, for the weather: when it doesn’t rain but there are heavy clouds passing a message that we can burst anytime! There is no brightness; you just get scared of stepping out as I am sure nobody likes to get soaked anytime and everytime! I feel this sort of weather is someway depressing (atleast for me)
Anyways, but then next morning when I woke up, to my surprise, the sun was smiling in the sky, it was bright, clear and brilliant. The weather was back to normal which filled me with ecstacy.

But I was amazed by this sudden transformation of the weather. I mean isn’t it really tough to predict the next morning’s weather until you are an employee in weather forecasting department, offcourse!

Anyways, don’t you think that these changes in the weather and in fact all the seasons represent different phases in life! Thats what I concluded when I started mulling over these weather changes and infact, now I feel that everyone (whether alive or not: humans, animals, plants, seasons, earth, universe) has to go through different phases in a similar pattern, has to follow the rules of the nature in a similar way! Everything works in a cycle for everyone in this world…J

Anyways, let me give you a small description of how each season represents different phases in our life. Now, even phases can be either Short term or long term.

Short time phases represent the highs and downs in our daily lives and long term phases means the different stages of our lives: Childhood, youth, adulthood and old age!

Lets go through each weather:

I am sure it would be the favorite season of everyone! In literal terms, spring is basically the transition season between winters and summers,  a transition between colors: from black and grey to green,  a transition between weathers from cold to mild, a transition between comfortability: from unbearable to bearable, a transition from long nights to long days. It is a weather when its neither too cold nor too hot

In terms of short term phases, spring represents those chapters when life is neutral: not bad and not good.  It is a transition between the worse and the best!  A person in spring had already seen the worst and waits for the boom! It is a season of celebration, festivity and gala! I believe it’s like a rebirth, a revival! This season brings a message of new beginning with it.
In terms of long term phases, it represents the childhood of a person when he/she learns the basics of life and is ready to enter the beautiful world. Here takes place the transition between a stage where you don’t know anything to a stage where you have to know everything

This is my favorite season. I love summers! I know many people simply hate the heat, humidity etc which are some of the offerings of this season. But still, I just love the brightness, the warmth, the sun, long days, summer vacations (which are no more thereL) and much more which this season brings with it!
In literal terms, this season represents heat! It is the result of spring season
In resemblance to short term phases, it represents the best phase, a boom in one’s life! A phase where everything is beautiful, nice and colorful! The color of this season is yellow which represents brightness, glow, colors, love, romance and luster.

In resemblance to long term phases, it represents the youth days in one’s life where everything is at its best, everything is colorful. There is romance in the air, there is vibrancy in life!

This season is very similar to spring season as it is also a transition season: transition from warm to cool, from long days to long nights, from yellow color to orange, from boom to recession, from brightness to darkness.
In terms of short term phases, it represents the phase when a person travels from the best times to relapse! It’s that path, the journey covered by a person from good to bad, from best to worse! A phase where a person prepares for the worse

In terms of long term phases, it represents the adulthood in one’s life where a person moves from youth to old age!

Ahhh… a season I simply hate! Winter completes the yearly cycle of the seasons and ushers in the coldest and darkest time of the year. The colors which represent this season are black and grey. When you think of winters, what comes in your mind is darkness, chilled winds, no sun and fog. It’s a season of depression and believe me guys, I feel so lucky sometimes that I reside in that part of the globe where there are no winters and this is a blessing to me! And this is one of the things which I appreciate about this shift of mine from North India where winters are unbearable!
In terms of short term phases, winters represent the worst and down phases in life: the phases of darkness and gloom.
And in long term phases, this season symbolizes the old age in one’s life. Its not that old age is full of darkness but yes, it surely represents the last stage in life after which you have to die and take birth again (atleast according to our mythologies)

So, its all about cycle. What goes comes back for sure.  So always have a hope in bad times that good times will returns and prepare yourself in the good times for the worst...