Friday, September 16, 2011

Inventions of transitionary technology!

I still remember the first time I heard about a mobile! I was in 8th or 9th std and got so much fascinated by the idea of carrying a phone wherever you go!  I used to ask my dad to buy one. But then spending 14 Rs /min for just talking to somebody was something which was out of reach for any middle class person! I used to think that if ever I possess a mobile, will be like a dream come true.

Then just after 4-5 years, in my graduation, I was an owner of a mobile and it was no big deal for me or for anybody else for that matter. 

Same was the case with desktop. People who used to have desktops used to be considered rich and weathly and knowledgeable too as they used to use computers! But then, after few years, everybody had them and infact, now they are in the dying phase.

Likewise happened with laptops! Initially, when they were introduced in the market, everybody went crazy for them. Everywhere there was news about laptops and everyone wanted to have them. Then again after 2-3 years, laptops became something very common. Something which almost everybody had and it became a necessity. They actually were the reason of desktops getting succumbed!

Then came the era of netbooks and notebooks which off course dint stay for long. They were all the rage at the beginning. People declared them the future of computing, and so forth. But you barely see them mentioned anymore…  

And now is the world for tablet. It is spreading like madness, like some disease. Everyone wants to have a tablet and owning one have almost become a status symbol. They are the new soup du jour. But we will come to know the future of it in next 2 years. There can be anyone one case from the possible two options: Either everyone will own a tablet like mobiles and laptops or they will get vanished like netbooks and we’ll all be writing articles on “Remember the thing called tablet?” But I guess, the possibility of the later case is higher and there are many reasons for it. The main one being that it is something which is not a necessity. It can’t become a mobile and cannot even take the place of a laptop. There is nothing unique about them. One surely can’t buy a tablet to replace either of these devices; it only adds something as a third device. You can't really use a Tab while walking down the street because it's too big for that and so you can’t replace your mobiles with it. And there are many heavy computing tasks that a tablet cannot do like photoshop etc, which means ditching your laptop or desktop altogether would be something you'd regret later. So, it is something which is a luxury to own. Or it can be said that this is also a silly invention of transitionary technology which offcourse only future can confirmJ

But yes, the pace at which there were changes in the technology is appreciable and something to be admired!  We had mobiles, laptops and now, an (almost) amalgamation of both in the tablet!

Ditto happened with TVs, VCRs (if anyone remember), CD players, DVD players, CD music systems, cassette players (which is now an extinct device)! But all these gadgets have their own long storyJ


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