Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Question to God!

I really liked a message which was sent to me today morning by a friend and would love to share it with everyone. It goes like this:

A sweet question to God:
Teri duniya mein ye manjar kyun hai,
Kahin zakhm toh kahi peeth mein khanzar kyu hai,
Suna hai ki tu har zarre mein basta hai,
Toh zameen pe kahin maszid toh kahi mandir kyun hai!
Jab rehne wale is duniya ke hai tere hi bande,
Toh koi kisi ka dost toh koi kisi ka dushman kyu hai!

There is so much intensity, such a profound depth in each and every word of it! These few words have so much strength that they simply made me speechless…

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