Thursday, October 6, 2011

A smile can really set anything right!

Had an awesome experience while driving today…
Generally while driving, I become very impatient. I just hate it when people drive their vehicles in the middle of the road and that too at a speed that you feel like they are almost carrying their vehicles (and not vice versa!) And the worst is when you honk them, they just do not move, they just do not want to move.

Similar incident happened with me today morning which is nothing unusual actually. But the way I dealt with it was unusual. I was already late for office and was driving as fast as the traffic allowed me and then, suddenly I had to almost pause! My speed went to 20 from 60 because of an uncle who was driving his scooter just in the middle of the road. And there was no chance for me to overtake him. After getting tired of following him, I honked at him twice but he did not move… then I honked hard again, he looked behind and gave me a very bad glance… Normally, at such moments I just lose my temper but then, today I was in a great mood (the reason for that was a different story)…  so, I remained calm for 2 mins, thought may be after sometime he will move to his left side where there was a lot of space for him! But the the hero on the scooter was stubborn and refused to leave a way for me.
Then I just lost it and started honking continuously and did that for about 2 mins till I made him lose his mind… As a result, he moved to the side finally and looked at me with such a great annoyance and said with a very loud voice “baap ka horn hai kya? (is it your father’s horn?)” Normally if someone speaks to me in such a tone and with such derogatory words, I park my car to the side and give them a piece of my mind! But as I mentioned above, I was in an amazing mood so don’t know but the answer which came to my mind was so impulsive and witty that even I was stunned at my spontaneity. I made my windows little down and said “arre haannnn papa ka hi hai, aapko kaise pata chala… (yes, its of my father… how come you know?)” And I smiled and showed him a thumps up and just moved on…

Then we met on the next signal. I dint want to see that man again because I was sure for what I did, he would come and shout at me… And I was in no mood for getting into a clash

But then what happened was nice. He just came next to my car and looked at me and said Sorry!
I was simply amazed. Normally, in such situations, I end up shouting or getting into arguments or sometimes, even getting into a conflict with people. But in this case what happened was completely reversed.

I looked at him, smiled and said sorry too…

So, now this is how I am going to tackle all my future traffic/ driving clashes… with a smileJ
See, I have got one more story to establish my point that a smile can set anything right…

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