Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why do most of us live as if we'r never gonna die???

Sometimes I wonder how we humans actually live! I mean  isn’t it that we all live as if we are never going to die and then, we just die having never really lived! While alive, we do not understand the value of breaths which we take every second which keeps us in motion!!  Strange? Isn’t it? Only that person who is on the verge of dying counts his breaths, he is the one who actually knows the real worth of life, who only and only wishes for thing and that is: one more breath, one more and one more…
But its really weird and sad that we do not even have time these days to think about how are we spending this precious gift from God! We all are too busy in collecting money, luxuries and other materialistic things! Little do we realize that all the materialistic things are not going to be there forever, and also, how true is that ripened adage which almost every saffron clothes wearing sadhu repeat in almost all his satsangs, which is too boring to repeat but still I will reiterate it just for the sake of its relevance here and that is ‘we are not going to take any of these materialistic things with us to heaven, then why to waste time in collecting these affluences!’ To say further, I believe that it’s only happiness and satisfaction which our soul carries after our death! So, why not we try to attain that one thing rather than running behind things which are unachievable! I am, definitely not saying that one should become completely unambitious, unmotivated in life! No! One should never sit with content till last breath… One should keep on working till his/her body allows to! My only point is that in achieving that success, those ambitions, do not forget that you also have a life! Do not sacrifice any and every thing to get your goals! And the easiest victim which gets sacrificed in this entire course is your happiness! Do give all the luxuries, all the comfort to your family but also give your time to them… This is more precious than all the materialistic things you provide to them!

The person who loses happiness in life is the biggest loser! He is somebody who will have nothing good to remember at the last stage of his life! And then he will realize what he gained and what he lost! But at that time, it would have become too late! Because time lost is lost forever. It can never come back, may whatever you do!

So, try to create a fine balance between all the aspects of life and then, you will be able to make your life perfect to a great extent and yes, you will surely have some amazing moments to remember at the last stage of your life which will make you smile even in those most painful times of your life when you know you will have to leave this world any time!!!

And so, keep smiling forever and ever and everJJJ

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