Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bald and beautiful Barbie!!!

Got to read an amazing article on “The guardian” website today! Believe me guys, it was really a treat to readJ

Every girl, when young has a dream of owning a Barbie… Believe me every girl without exception always at any point of time would have craved for a BarbieJ. Some would have been lucky to get it and for others, it always remained a dream!

And I was no different. Even I wanted to own one so badly but never got the privilege majorly because it was far too expensive for any middle class family to afford it at that time. I still remember, one of my cousins had couple of them! She used to live outside India and used to visit us only once a year and that was the only time, when I used to get the privilege of touching my dream doll! I used to love all her barbies! And used to be with them till the time she used to be at our place. But when she used to leave for her native place, even my barbies used to leave and I used to really miss them.

And when I got the capability of buying as much as barbies I want, I realized I was too old for having them! So, now whenever I meet any of niece or any baby girl, I make sure to gift a Barbie to themJ

Anyways, coming back to the article there is this campaign going on FB asking Toy maker to create a bald Barbie for those ladies who lose their hair due to physiotherapy treatment used for curing breast Cancer!

Barbie has always been a sign of beauty for every girl and every girl really wish to look like her dream barbie!  It is actually a gizmo to boost a girls' confidence.  So, now by creating a bald Barbie, they can pass a message that even after losing hair any woman/ girl can look beautiful and gorgeous! Wowww… I mean, I just loved the idea!

I had a far off relative, who suffered from this breast cancer last year and believe me, from what I heard about her, she was totally shattered by the side effects of the treatment and majorly because she was on the verge of becoming bald. She stopped meeting people and talking to anyone! Nobody can ever understand the value of hair in a woman’s life because the normal conception is that having long striking locks is a sign of beauty! I agree it is! But this conviction can cause a real harm to such women, to their confidence who are already going through the trauma of suffering from a horrible disease

Even one of my husband’s cousin had cancer when she was very young! And my husband tells me that she used to cry for hours when she used to see her hair falling all over the place. It seems she used to cry hard when she used to see the bald patches on her scalp! He told me that even she stopped going out and meeting people! Imagine the plight of such young girls!

So I believe that initiatives like these are really important to boost the confidence of women and girls suffering from Cancer! We all should stand next to these ideas and should give full support because after all we are all humans and its our responsibility to take care of each other!
Hats off to people who think about such ideas and even execute them!

Keep smiling alwaysJ

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Expect the unexpected!

I always believe that a person should always be ready for anything and everything in life! Because you never know where life will take you the very next moment. One should never relax in life thinking that everything will go on well for the whole life!

That’s the biggest mistake some of us commit! We simply create a comfort zone around us thinking that now nothing is going to disturb us and we can sit and relax forever! And when suddenly something comes up, we get panicked as we had not prepared ourselves for that situation! We get in a shock and then eventually, everything goes for a toss including our mental peace…

So, better is to enjoy every moment of life. In good phases, enjoy the success but also, take out sometime to get yourself prepared for the worst because everything works in a cycle i.e. after good phase, its bad phase which is going to strike you! (And off course vice versa) And if you are not prepared, you will definitely not be able to face it and then will fall in the clutches of tensions and stress!

There is a theory called Black Swan. It is actually a large-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations.  An event often referred to as a "black swan" is the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The term black swan comes from the ancient Western conception that all swans were white in color. In that context, a black swan was a metaphor for something that could not exist. The 17th Century discovery of black swans in Australia metamorphosed the term to connote that the perceived impossibility can actually turn into a possibility anytime!

So, you can apply this theory in your life as well. Expect the unexpected…

Imagine yourself being a goat, living in a spacious place and being fed each and every day.
Not knowing about the most common fate of goats being breed by humans, you can’t do anything else than believe that everyone in your surroundings is interested in your well being. Then suddenly one day you get no food and are taken out of your place and sent to the butcher. What will happen when this highly unexpected thing will happen? Your accumulated positive experiences will suddenly get swapped with one single negative experience of a disparity and unexpected nature and everything will appear vague!

Guess there is no need to mention the conventional example of the ant and the grasshopper story. I am sure we all would have heard the story at one or the other point of time in our lives

So, before any such situation strike you, make yourself prepare well in advance that anything can happen any moment and yes, never ever take good phase in life for granted!

Keep smilingJ

Monday, January 16, 2012

I wish I could fly!!

Sharing my first poem:)

I wish I had wings
In the air, I could swing
I wish I could fly
Deep inside me-this desire lie
I feel so jealous of birds
That can’t be described in words
High in the sky, they always fly
watching the world, like a spy
They have no boundaries, no limits
They glide in the sky with full spirits
They themselves, sketch their borders daily
Then erase those marks fully and completely
So that they can draw fresh lines next day
With new adventures, they can locate a new way
They have their own freedom and liberty
Leaving their marks with bursting zesty
I wish I also had wings
High in the sky, I could swing
High somewhere, I would have vanished
Making a house in a cloud, I wish…

Problems + Solutions = Happiness!! Problems + tensions = More Problems!

I have observed many times that most of us always keep on cribbing, crying and complaining about the troubles and problems which life throws at us, however small or big they are. We hate every damn thing which makes us uncomfortable. And this is what is the defination of problems. Something which tries to drag us out of our comfort zone! And this is simply something we abhor! Most of us love to remain in the safe comfortable zone which we create around us which is actually just a mirage! I know, thats a human tendency to an extent! But still, should'nt we try and change it?

Would love to mention one of my fav quotes here by Mario Andretti, "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough"

There are 2 things: 1. One should'nt be scared of problems because they are a part and parcel of life and they will come to you however hard you try to run away from them and 2. The time and energy we waste in cribbing and crying over the problems, we should dedicate the same in finding the solutions to them! Guess that would be a productive use of one's time and energy and that might even lead to solution and happiness. While on the other hand, cribbing always leads to tensions, depression, anger and stress which further gives birth to many other issues in life!

And also I believe that cribbing and crying are the signs of giving up. They are indeed the signs of weakness! And giving up and displaying your weakness are the worst things one can do with himself!
It’s a fact that life is full of troubles, hurdles etc but that is what life is meant forJ Isn’t it? Each and every person on this planet has to go through some or the other problem irrespective of the count of their wealth on the affluence barometer. Also, whenever any such incident happens rather than being gloomy and poignant, just think about people who are below you! For whom each and every single day of life is a struggle. For you, days with problems would be rare. For them, Days without problems is rare! Now compare yourself with them… And you will certainly feel contented!
And there is a solution to anything and everything in this world… You just have to concentrate and think about it rather than getting panicked by thinking and cribbing about the problem…

There is a small story which I would love to share:

Once a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried badly for few hrs for escape while the farmer tried to figure out what to do. But when he couldn’t think of any solution, he decided to let it go! Anyways, the animal was old, and even the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey, thought the farmer. He, then invited few of his neighbors & they all took hold of their spades and began to shovel dirt into the well. Initially when the donkey realized what was happening, it started crying dreadfully. But then, to everyone's astonishment he quieted down. But they continued putting dirt! A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down into the well. He was simply surprised at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit Donkey’s back, it  was doing something amazing. It kept on shaking it off and took a step up. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would repeat the same. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well, and happily trotted off!

Instead of finding a solution, if the donkey would have continued to howl, scream and cry then may be his howls would have been silenced down by its death only! But it took another wayJ and came out of the problem successfully…

Always remember, life is definitely going to shovel dirt at you, all kinds of dirt! The trick to get out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

There is a very famous quote by Rabindranath Tagore, “You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”

Keep smiling alwaysJ

Saturday, January 14, 2012

India = China/ Pak????

Read an article today that Delhi high court has warned FB, Google, yahoo and another such 21 sites that they can be blocked if they fail to construct a method to check and eliminate any objectionable content on their web pages.!! And this was also being said that its going to be like China!

Can you believe it? So, this is a gift from our great Kapil Sibal! But may be he thought that people will not understand this move of his…  He did that just to increase his grade in the marksheet which Madam will prepare.  Sad… Really Sad!

I (or infact, every citizen) would wonder where our country is heading towards? Being open and developed like US or being conservative and regressed one like Pak and China (to an extent). How can they even think to dominate India and Indians in such a way? Peculiar…

Congress is slowly inviting a revolution now…!!!

God knows what gonna happen but believe me I am waiting for 2014 when this brainless, dominating, arrogant, conceited (the list of adjectives that can be used for them is endless) will be out of power!!!

Feel like saying Congress: Spare Us! (Pooja Misra: thanks for giving this “one” slang to the whole nation for showing their anger)

Anyways, Keep smiling alwaz whatever happensJ

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happiness of seeing your words published in a magazine!!!

I am so very happy today! Reason being that 2 of my articles have been published in my company’s internal magazine! And that made me so so gladJ

I don’t know if it is really that big as much as I am thinking but certainly it is a big deal for me! It is so much pleasurable to see your words, your name been published on the hard pages of a magazine! The feeling is out of the world. Believe me…
In the morning, I entered the office with a normal mood and was in a meeting when I got a call from one of my colleague.  He said congrats your articles have been published in Magazine! I couldn’t believe my ears. I just dint knew how to react… I just told him thanks…  And came out of the meeting immediately excusing myself because I got filled with so much energy and anxiety that it became impossible for me to sit there!

After coming out, the first call I made was to my husband and told him about the articled… Even he was so happy to hear it…
Then I went to my team and told them… I loved their response! They were like congrats and good work and all… I just dint knew how to react because I felt like I have done something great… What a feeling…

I started craving for seeing those articles in the magazine! I called up my HR and asked him about the magazine because the same had not been distributed till then. He said that he had already sent to admin! I went to admin’s desk just to find nobody there… I searched for the magazine on their table, under the table and elsewhere and then I found one magazine! I was so happy and bought it to my desk… I just started flipping the pages without thinking, checking or seeing anything else… But I couldn’t found my articles. I was disappointed and even sad… I thought that my colleague had played a prank on me and felt really bad! but then how come he knew the names of the articles which I submitted was the question that immediately aroused in my mind and it again made me smile, happy and hopeful. I saw the cover of the magazine and that was a 6 months old edition! I smiled and scolded myself a little for being so anxious that it made me stupid!
I called up the admin guy and asked about the magazine. He said he had not received till now! Cant tell you how annoyed I was… But I was in no mood to shout and spoil mine and others mood! I decided to wait! I am already a highly impatient person and this wait made me more fanatical… I couldn’t sit at one place and was just and just waiting for the magazine… I asked the admin dept several times, called up HR numerous times!

Then finally after a wait of around 5 hours, magazine arrived at 4 pm, I just saw some cartons in the hand of an office boy and I understood that they are the ones which contain the medicine of my anxiety! I ran and grabbed one box and bought it to my table… Opened it in a hurry and took out a magazine! And started flipping the same till I got my articles! What a happiness, what an ecstasy…  something that cannot be explained in words! The best thing was to see my name underneath: Shivani Singh, Hyderabad! Then I took out all the magazines and gave to all my team members and asked them to readJ
All of them loved the articles and I felt as if I was on the top of the world…One of my friend even asked me to sign at the articles. I felt little embarrassed as they were really making me feel so special! And I start feeling very uncomfortable when someone treats me special! But thanks to all of them! They really made me feel so awesome that day and they tripled my happiness! Love them all!

I got msgs, mails from so many people telling that the articles are awesome and they loved themJ
But the best call amongst all was from my COO. He told me that the articles are very nice and he really liked them! I felt so great and this one incident made my dayJJJ

Feels great and awesome… as if I am flying with the help of some invisible wings…

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012 with a smile!:)

Yayyyy….. Happy new year… 2012 came with a bang! From last few years all we have been listening about this year are the bad thingsL that our planet will come to an end in this year and all that!
But then, its good to see that people are less bothered about this crap now… People welcomed this year with the same energy, enthusiasm, love and hopes as they did for the last years…
I was reading an article on Yahoo few days back “Reasons why the world will end in 2012” and I was shocked to see such a stupid, immature article on such an esteemed site and infact, it was published on the very first page of the site!!! I have completely stopped surfing yahoo since then! I have mentioned the link below so you can go through it, in case!
The starting of the article is hugely negative. Just look @ it below:
“If you believe in it, we couldn't agree with you more. For those that don't, read the article. After all, we don't wanna end up saying 'we told you so' when you're inches away from your grave”
No words!
The worst poof of the world going to an end mentioned in the article is that “Legendary Deaths - Everybody Important is Dead”… According to the writer, everybody who is IMPORTANT is DEAD!! So, the world is left with all the unimportant people now! Can you believe that such utter nonsense can really be published on a well known website…
Anyways, i don’t know but i feel that despite several speculations and anticipations, this year is going to be good and positive for everyone! I always believe in one thing “Always unexpected happens” or rather what you expect and plan never happens and thats a fact so I am sure people are expecting this year to be disastrous but this year is going to be great:D. That’s my Dejavu :P
So, lets forget 2011, there is absolutely no use of going into rewind mode and spoiling our mood over what happened and what didn’t in 2011L Everyone will have their own stories…
But in 2011 we faced the demise of few very prominent personalities, to name a few M .F. Husain, Jehangir Sabavala, Gautam Rajadhyakha, Bhupen Hazarika, Shammi Kapoor, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Dev Anand, Mario Miranda, Amy winehouse, Jagjit singh, Steve Jobs! Quite a large number! May their soul RIP. And yes, to the author of that above article: there are few more important people which 2012 dint gulp!!!
Let us look forward to 2012 with a smile and with an upbeat attitude… And yes, plz ignore the stupid articles as the one mentioned above (in yahoo) conveniently!
Keep smiling alwaz