Friday, August 31, 2012

Give a girl the right shoes!

There are many amazing quotes of the ultimate Diva: Marilyn Monroe! But there is this one quote which I just love! I am sure every girl will agree and love it:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When only peace resides everywhere...

I was standing on a beach,
On the horizon, I wanted to reach...
The waves going up and down,
The sun being the ocean’s crown...
That’s what I felt standing on the sand,
With so many thoughts, my brain was cramped...
Only if my thoughts would have been true,
All the pains from the world would have flew...
At the sunset, when sky’s color become red,
It show the light to the ships on the water bed...
The tides at night become ferocious,
To take away the world’s deeds that were atrocious...
If tides had the capacity to gush away all the pain,
And happiness would have been poured by the rain...
Sky showing the light to those who lost their ways,
Moon and stars spreading harmony by their rays...
Mountains being the guards to protect the whole world,
In one happy place, whole world would have been curled...
Rivers would have been a bridge between all the countries,
There would have been no fences and no boundaries...
How beautiful and wonderful will be that day,
When only peace resides everywhere, I pray...

Keep smiling and stay blessed:):):)

Who are u to judge the life I live?

There is one quote by Bob Marley which is one of favs. It sounds really arrogant but then how true is it for those who love to critisize others without reason... Have a look:

"Who are u to judge the life I live? I know I am not perfect- N I don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers... make sure your hands are clean"

Keep Smiling! And next time someone criticizes you irrationally, you know the answer:D

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Stages Of Life

Read an amazing thing on FB today. Have a look at the stages of life:

When we are teenagers. we have time and energy but no money:(
When we start working, we have money and energy but no time:(
When we are old, we have money and time but no energy:(

How ironic yet true is the above mentioned thing! Give it a thought! Half of our lives are wasted in working and acumulating money!!! We just forget about time! I feel at the last stage of life, when one looks back, he/she would calculate the good times spent with friends and family and certainly not the wealth which one has acumulated! So, understand the value of time! Nothing is more important than that...

Keep Smiling:)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wish I was an Artist:)

Today, I got up little early and so, got to see the beautiful dawn which I miss every day!!! I wrote few lines on the same. Hope you like them:

The dawn has yet arrived again,
The colors spreading in the sky and the lane...
Beauty splendid, which cannot be described,
What a pleasure in the splendor inscribed...
I stand and think on the edge of the terrace,
I feel I'm wondering in a dreamland like Alice...
So unique, so diverse is the dawn’s beauty of colors,
As if they had been grinded by some artist’s Muller...
How to find words to describe the colors of the sky,
Red, blue, purple, pink all the colors in a palette so high...
Seeing so many colors, I crave to be an artist with a brush,
Wish to paint a beautiful painting on this earth’s canvas...
I want to draw everything with these amazing paints,
Ocean, forests, Mountains, rivers, sea and rain...
Wish I could steal all these colors of dawn,
Would fill them in my bottles and hid them in some lawn...
Would have taken them out whenever I desired,
Would have painted a dawn whenever required...
The dawn has yet arrived again,
With so many colors in its domain...

Keep smiling and stay blessed:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creativity of the man I love!

My husband: the man I love, have this amazing talent! He is super creative, have an amazing imagination and writes super well! I often ask him to create his blog but he just have no time for it:( And so finally I decided to put his stuff here on my blog! A bit inspired by the new airtel ad <Wink* wink*> "Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh tera hai..."

BTW, I created this blog for him in 2008! But as I told you being in a job of 11-8, he is just unable to pen down his thoughts regularly and so, I ursurped his blog:D

You can read some of his old stuff here (Cheer up, You are a winner! ) and here (Deliberate is difficult!)...

Below are few amazing lines (which I remembered!) which came from the creative of mind of this man!

"If only mosquitoes sucked calories instead of blood - the world will be a much healthier place"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missing the days, the beautiful old days

Was really missing my school days today! And then, I just penned down few lines. Sharing with you all, hope you like them:

Missing the days, the beautiful old days,
When life was a wonderful maze...
The days when I just had no fear,
Only dad’s scolding used to bring me to tears...
The days when I used to be the richest person, that’s not a lie,
My boats swam in waters and my planes touched the sky...
The days when I needed no reason to smile,
Without purpose it used to go for many a mile...
The days when disappointment was a word so rare,
For worldly things, I used to hardly care...
The days when I had time to lay down under the stars,
In my world, I was Hitler, I was Mussolini and I was The Czar...
The days when I used to wait for helicopters to fly in the sky,
So that I could leap and jump and bid them bye...
The days when words like hatred and vengeance were unknown,
Smile, love, laughter, care: only they existed in my perfect zone...
The days when school bag, dolls and dreams were my only possession,
I had the courage to do anything without any fear of regression...
The days when nothing was shallow and hollow,
It was just my heart which I used to follow...
The days when my only dream was to fly high in the sky,
Wished to have wings, through the clouds I could fly...
The days when I made excuses to skip my meals,
How badly I wish the time to roll back, if it had wheels...
The days when mom’s arms used to hug me,
To get to this life, I had to pay that as a fee...
Missing the days, the beautiful old days,
When life was a wonderful maze!

Keep smiling and stay blessed:)



I have just started watching friends (the series)... I had seen it long back when I was a kid. But then, that time my age din't allow me to understand and enjoy the same completely. I had this little memory of watching and enjoying the same and so, for the sake of it, I always had a urge to watch it again!!!

So, compeled by the urge (which is unquechable, what I want, I just want!!! Even I cannot stop myself!) few days back I got all the series from one of my friends and I just started watching the series religiously from Season 1- Episode 1! And then there was no stopping. I am on 7th season now and believe me, I just loved and loved each and every bit of moment which I spent in watching this amazing piece! I have watched every episode at least twice and aored each one of them. I am totally in love with the series and I think it is definitely one of the best TV series ever made!

These days I commute to office via cab and so, I have 2 hrs (one way!) to waste everyday! yeah... Before it used to be so much difficult for me to spend these 2 hrs, believe me!!! At least it was fine in the morning because I just used to grab my book and completely dig myself into it. But in the evenings, I just had nothing, absolutely nothing to do and so, it was so terrible and sometimes, unbearable. I used to feel so guilty of wasting 2 precious hrs every day. But then came the day when I started watching friends on my phone in the evening in cab, everything got changed! It was like a blessing!!! These days, I just dig myself into my phone the moment I grab a seat in cab and remove my headphones reluctantly only when I reach my stop! In fact, I just sometimes forget about my stop and my colleagues have to remind me about the same... Getting bored for 2 hrs is a bygone story now...

In office, I actually wait for the whole day to get into the cab and give an awesome treat to my brain! I actually crave to see the next episodes... And believe me guys, after watching it I just forget all the stress, tensions and everything... In fact, sometimes I get so much engrossed in watching it that I just start laughing loudly!! Man, that's so uncontrollable. BTW, while talking about Friends, I am bound to reveal my fav character in the series... I love them all, they all are unique and different and so so lovable! But one character who brings the real humour is Joey and so, he is my fav... Just and just love him!!!

I think I am addicted to the series but this is one addiction I am in so much love with that I never ever want to get rid of it!!! I believe whosoever has not seen this series has really missed something in life! Guys, go ahead and watch it... You will start loving and living life! It will take away all the tension and stress from your life...
It is a high doze of laughter! Beware! Keep smiling laughing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

True meaning of Independence!

Every year Independence Day brings a lot of excitement in us (We - the Indians)... But what’s the reason for that 'excitement': our independence? or that extra one day off which we get after a gap of many months? I know I have narrowed down the 2 things to a large extent but isn’t there a bitter truth somewhere? Do we really feel excited for the Independence which this day represents? Do we really cherish the freedom which we achieved on this day? Do we really understand the worth of these 2 words called: Independence and Freedom? Do we? Ask yourself and the answer could be a bit shocking... Though I am definitely not generalizing this concept... May be its just my story and my feelings...

It is definitely not my mistake, its not. I was born in an independent country, I was born with the complete freedom! I remember about this one chapter in our hindi book in 6th or 7th std which talks about how a person only value those things which he earns with struggle and pain... You do not understand the value of a glass of water till you have to stay thirsty for few hrs, you do not understand the value of a 100 Rs note, till you earn those 100 Rs with a day's hard work, you do not realize the value of true love till you are crushed before... and this is the story with everything! So now, I ask myself again do I cherish my independence in the same way as I should be? Probably not...

When I was a kid, I remember I used to be extremely excited for Independence Day or Republic day or even Gandhi Jyanthi... And that was off course not for the day off:) Then, why there used to be excitement for these days within me back then when I did not even had the senses to understand the true meaning of them? May be because I was taught to love and celebrate these days, I was taught to believe in them! And as I grew up, as I became independent, these teachings from school and parents eventually stopped! As I got tied up with my commitments, even the excitement for these days started fading out, that excitement took a back seat in my life and I just started taking my independence for granted!!!

It was all same till today when I spoke to a friend of mine and we had this small debate over the independence. I told him "I don’t think we are really independent. We are worse than that... We have uncountable issues to face which we as a nation are unable to resolve." And then, he just said one thing which shook me from within, "Ask the same question to the hindu families who are fleeing illegally to India from  Pak" and I got my answer! I got it and in a span of a min, I started cherishing this valuable thing called Independence which My nation gave to me!!!

Since birth, I did whatever I wanted (being a girl!), I lived however I wanted to...  Many girls definitely do not have that privilege to do the same in many countries! How come I forgot the importance of this freedom?

And today, with great pride I say this is my land, this is my country, this is my mother and I love it!!! I laughed here, I cried here, I played here, I learnt here, I flew paper planes in its sky, my boats swam in its rain water and I grew up here! It gave me permission to do all that I wanted in life! What else could I expect from it??? Nothing more.... And I am surely proud to be an Indian. It gave me the true freedom... Yes, there are few issues here and there but that’s fine, nothing is perfect in the world. I am sure we Indians will one fine day be able to eradicate all these issues because we have the biggest strength: Our Freedom!

Thank You India for giving me everything and salute to all the heroes who helped us with this to live with this freedom.... Love you!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Respect Yourself, Be Yourself

I have been a firm believer of the fact that a person should never try to imitate or emulate anybody! Just be yourself and that is the only way to get yourself loved:) And that is also the only way to love yourself...

And so, respect yourself, be yourself!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Thought

Came across a very beautiful thought today so thought to share it with all:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Absurd Questions!

There comes a stage in your life when you start thinking who are you?, what are doing with life?, is it worth it the way you are leading it and many other such absurd questions start attacking your mind and you never ever get answers suffice enough to satisfy your mind!

Thats a absurd stage of life which I guess, everyone goes through. I believe thats the stage when you start growing up (not in age!). In early years of teenage, we all have this absurd thinking that the world is at our feet! But as we start entering later years of 20's, we start realizing that life is just not as simple as we thought or as it ought to be!

I guess, this stage brings a huge change in the way a person leads his or her life! And that is when we start getting matured! Am I sounding like those old people who just start giving gyan anywhere and anytime! (No offense) I know I may be, but plz bear with me as I guess I am going through the same stage:) Yes, I feel like I need to do something to make my life meaningful! God.. And this thought is killing me day and night! But I know I will soon figure out what I need to do and then, I will be back with my usual self:) These weird attacks of forbidden thoughts on your mind make you feel alive:D

Keep smiling alwaz and stay blessed:)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chronicles of Europe

As mentioned in my last post, I had been off to Europe last month. Well, it will definitely be an understatement to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was simply divineJ and there are many reasons for it. 1. Obviously the place is so romantic, so beautiful that words will definitely not be able to describe the same. 2. I deliberately kept myself away from all sort of sources of tensions: Phone, net etc. 3. I was accompanied by the guy I love! What else would have I asked for?
In around 14 days, we had been to 7 countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany) which itself is suffice to explain how hectic the trip would have been! It was actually not a vacation, it was a tourJ But still I was glad…
We used to wake up@ around 6 am daily and used to come back by 9 or so… I don’t remember a day when we would have got to sleep for more than 6-7 hrs! So, it defines the degree of our hectic schedule. But I do not complain about it as it gave the chance to utilize our time wellJ
So, would try to pen down my experiences in short and crisp wordsJ The most beautiful place we visited was  Switzerland (I guess that goes without saying). This place is heaven guys. I just cant say anything beyond that! This place is like a fairytale, it is!
The most romantic place amongst all was I guess, Paris. They say in Paris, love is in the air! How true is that… I mean it simply romantic, simply adorable! You just feel like kissing, hugging in that place! Its heaven for lovers. One of the most beautiful thing in Paris is the boat ride on River Seine where you can view all the major bridges of Paris (they are simply unique and beautiful) and all the beautiful, important and famous buildings. Off course the most beautiful view was of Eiffel tower at night! Especially when there is a special lighting there for 5 mins @ around 11 pm. I just cannot describe that view, that feeling in words. It simply left me awestruck!
The most commercialized place I felt was Germany… Its again very beautiful but yes, you will find a little more population there as compared to any other country. Off course this is sans Blackforest which is again commendable. You just see huge black trees on both sides of the road, you just see beautiful landscapes!!! It’s a treat for the eyes guys! I wish I could have spent my whole life there! BTW, the famous blackforest cake has been originated from this place. It has been named so as when it snows in this area, the whole forest looks like a chocolate cake!
A pleasant surprise was Austria. I had never expected it to be so stunning and amazing! It was super clean, that’s all I can say! Thank God, I got a chance to see this place.
Also, I can’t forget to mention about the beautiful churches or the cathedrals which are found all across Europe. They are very very different and amazing. They just leave you dumbstruck! The architecture is simply commendable! The statues, the paintings, the carvings, the structures everything was simply admirable! I feel so lucky to get a chance to saw all the major ones in Europe! And all of them were equally beautiful.
Overall, its definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each and every country is different and unique in its own way and this makes Europe more exciting!
I would definitely go back to all these places again. I would be posting few of the pics in my next postJ

Till then, Keep smiling and Stay blessed…

Back to life:)

Been more a month since I have penned down anything... Blame it on me or my vacations:)... Had been off to Europe (my dream vacation!) for 2 weeks last month. And so, was just not able to write anything! Though I really wanted to write each and every day's experience in Europe but before leaving, I gave a word to myself of not touching my phone or my lappy till the time i was going to be on vacation and so, I kept my word! And this one thing made my holidays more enjoyable and more exciting! I will definitely not take the complete credit of keeping myself away from phone or net, would love to share the same with the beauty of Europe which made me so mesmerized that I just had no urge to grab my phone or browse anything!

But now, as I am back to the real world, will resume to writing again:D

I have plans to pen down so much. Wish I just get time to finish that all!!!

Keep smiling alwazzzz...