Friday, November 23, 2012

Me, my space and my weird thoughts!

Helllooo!!! And guess whos back?

I was definitely not busy this time... Naaaaa, I wasn't... Just that I thought to take a break deliberately! Break from everything on earth. Off course, this "everything" doesn't include office as that's something which is beyond "everything"...

Anyways, I was in a different phase: a phase when you wish to be alone, when you feel like taking a break from the whole wide world, when you feel like discovering your inner self all over again, you feel like exploring your soul and your mind to the extent that had never been done before, when you mentally get hibernated and you just get shifted to your own little secret place, a place where nobody else has a permission to enter!

But yes, there are few lucky ones with whom you still want to talk, you want to share your stuff and thoughts, even in this phase:)

Yes, so I was in that phase from last few days and so, I just did not feel like writing anything... Its not that I am back from that little secret place of mine to this real world completely... But yes, I am back partially:) I mean I had to! I had to! Compulsions of life you know... You can't remain hibernated forever, that's nature's rule... You can only avail that luxury in the winters and you have to come back to life once the winters are gone...

Wish it was in my hands and believe me I would have remained in my little world forever! You know, that place, that amazing world of your own is so so thrilling and enchanting that you just don't feel like being a part of this real world anymore!!

Anyways, lets me change the topic else I will be labeled as a crazy! BTW, just to add I am not AT ALL on the verge of becoming a saint:) No, I am not!

Anyways, have you ever met somebody with whom you just feel an instant connection happening in the first meeting, even if you don't share words, you feel as if something is common between you two, you know that you both will end up being best friends, you know that this person is going to take a special place in your life? Strange no... BTW, there is other side of the coin too... It also happens that you meet somebody and you just feel a kind of dislike for that person in just the first meet! What do you think why it happens? Specially the former one?

I donno! Somehow I feel that destiny is a very powerful thing. We meet those people with whom we are destined to meet... And then at times, you end up being super duper best friends forever!!! God, I sound so so confusing at times!!! Am I sounding so now? Never mind...

Ok... I am gonna take an off now... Else I will start filling up this space with allllllll my weird thoughts!!!

You keep smilingggg and stay blessed:)

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