Friday, November 23, 2012

The beautiful thing called life...

How life changes rapidly...
From dawn to dusk,
From radiance to dark,
From land to horizon,
From smile to laugh,
From forests to sand,
From oceans to land,
From thoughts to terms,
From emotions to expressions,
From life to death,
From breath to breath,
Have you realized how rapidly life changes?...
From month to years,
From years to decades,
From adolescence to youth,
From teenage to adulthood,
From adulthood to old age,
And from there to grave,
We lose all the precious years...
In cribbing and crying,
In fulfilling and gratifying,
In worrying and weeping,
We forget to enjoy and cherish,
This beautiful thing called life,
Which is given to us only once,
Once in a life time…
Why to waste it over immaterial tensions?
Why to waste it over insignificant reasons?
Learn to cherish this beautiful reward,
Which has been granted to us by lord...


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