Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maa, Why can't I fly?

And I asked my mom once,
"Maa why can't I fly?"
She went silent for few seconds,
"coz u don't have wings", and she replied,
"Why don't I have wings?" I bothered her again,
And Maa got confused,
What answer would she give,
To such a stupid question?
She went quiet,
Was she thinking something?
Even i was quiet, staring at her,
Waiting for the reply...
"Coz you are not a bird" Finally she said,
I got annoyed by her answer,
And shot one more question,
"But everyone can do everything,
Then why can't I only fly?"
She went numb again,
She drowned in her pool of thoughts again,
Probably to find the best answer from somewhere deep down,
Like a beautiful pearl found at the bottom of an ocean,
I was staring at her,
My little eyes blinking,
My innocent heart waiting,
Waiting for maa to speak,
And let me know "Why can't I fly?"
Then Maa finally replied:
"Everyone can't do everything,
Fish can't blink,
Plants can't think,
Camels can't swim,
Ants can't scream,
Cats can't read,
Dogs can't sing,
Trees can't walk,
Elephant can't dance,
Whales can't flutter,
Hippos can't jump,
I can't fly,
Daddy can't fly,
And so, you can't fly"
I smiled and looked at her,
I was happy with the answer,
I was happy to know,
There were many others,
who can't do many things,
Many things that I could do,
Poor souls! I felt bad for them...
I was contended and went to sleep,
I was in ecstasy thinking that,
I can blink,
I can think,
I can swim,
I can scream,
I can read,
I can sing,
I can walk,
I can dance,
I can flutter too with my tiny hands,
and I can off course jump,
There is only one thing I can't do,
I can't fly...
May be I will learn...
I will one day...

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