Sunday, May 19, 2013

You are not allowed to be too handsome!

I am sure all the ladies out there would have certainly heard the name of Omar Borkan Al Gala... If you haven't then its a crime! Ladies go and google this name and believe me, you will witness one of the most handsome man ever existed on earth (off course after Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere... they are my favs!)...

Ok, so the thing is now why this name Omar Borkan Al Gala suddenly became so popular... That is because he was thrown out of the annual Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival in Riyadh. His crime? Take a guess... Come on... His amazing sexy looks. Shocked... Don't be! Because that's true. This guy was thrown out of the festival just because the authorities thought that he was too hot for the innocent ladies out there to handle. This is so funny, its hilarious. I mean what did authorities thought? That all the ladies are going to jump on him, molest him, rape him... Whatever! I don't know if ever a man has been penalized for having good looks but whatever this one incident has given Omar a global fame overnight:)

I am curious now to where this guy is gonna head next... Hollywood or may be Bollywood:P Come on Omar, we will be more than happy to have such a handsome man on our land:) *drooling* ha ha ha...

Keep Smiling!


  1. had to google and check him out...again ( had forgotten abt him) top it all he is a poet too...all u young ones...swoon...drool more :))...How come Kevin Costner is not on ur list of favs >:...

  2. hahahahahahaha... I loved ur comment Riddhi!!!! v lke to swoon n drool!!! hahahaha... Bt thts true:P
    Kevin Costner s on the list bt he s little down in the list!!!
    These three r like my alllll time fav:D


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