Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's your definition of happiness?

Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to the things and people that stress you out
                                                                                              -Thema Davis

Everybody have a different definition for happiness.  As many the number of people, as many the definitions for happiness.

Today while talking to a friend, I was made to think about happiness with a very practical and a very pragmatic approach.

And finally I got to the conclusion that happiness is doing your favorite things, happiness is to have freedom to do what you love, what you are passionate about! And then obviously, my thought made a shift to things that would give me happiness. And you know what, my mind drew a line there as well, between the practical ones and others, that are probably just a dream

Also, I strictly instructed my mind to keep itself within the reins of only 5 things! And I am happy, it did listen to me, at least this time! <Relief!!!>

So, here is the list of few things that define happiness to me. What's yours?

Practical ones:
  • My parents being happy and being proud of me
  • My family and friends being happy, healthy and safe
  • Getting appreciated at work
  • Making someone laugh loudly and if that someone happens to be a 'someone special', your happiness crosses all the borders and meet ecstasy
  • Meeting friends and having a bindaas, awesome, rocking gala time with them

Dreamy ones:
  • Doing sketching all day long without any intrusion
  • Hibernating with my books! Reading for days together without meeting, talking to anyone!
  • Dancing crazily.... senselessly... recklessly... insanely... with a passionate madness
  • Going somewhere for few months, away from everybody, without any mode of communication... I dream of going to classical dance gurukuls in some village someday and want to live and experience the beauty of a simple life. I know this is amongst those very rare things that will give me an immense happiness
  • Learning sketching and painting from an expert
 Keep smiling and loving life:) Its beautiful...

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  1. What lovely thoughts.. I especially like the dreamy ones. Ahh, to hibernate away with a few good chosen books; bliss.


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