Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stages of life: all we do is "die"

6 yrs old,
Innocent and impatient,
Dying to grow up as soon as possible
10 yrs old,
Naughty and callous
Dying to be out of parent's restricted shell
16 yrs old,
Cute and confused
Dying to understand the world's customs
22 yrs old,
B'ful and confident
Dying to be out, & make a mark for myself
26 yrs old,
Hot and high headed
Dying to be one of those on the top
32 yrs old,
Adult and matured
Dying to know whats next
40 yrs old,
Middle-aged and secured
Dying to figure out how to deal with my mid life crises
50 yrs old,
Wrinkled and unsure
Dying to do something different in life
60 yrs old,
Whimsical and stubborn
Dying to bring everyone in my control
70 yrs old,
Aged and unbearable
Dying to figure out what the world is upto
80 yrs old,
Tired and intolerable
Dying to look back and find few moments of happiness
85 yrs old,
Weary and exhausted
Dying to live my life again

But now, I am really dying... 
Apprehensive and scared to die,
Though it is what I have been doing my whole life,
Suddenly, I realize, I died everyday, at every stage of my life
And I forgot to live.
Replace "dying" with "living" and you will have nothing to regret
You will only have happy stories to share


  1. I like this pice and the thought it conveys.. Seeing it the way you have written it out makes one realise just how precious each and every moment is in life. It's sad that many of us spend so much time in fear of living, and that time simply passes us by like sand in an hourglass.. Alas.
    A great read :)


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