Friday, May 30, 2014

All you need is a will to live

And so, I am back with another tale of courage, love and determination.

Even this one had been narrated by one of my professors. Let me call him Rajesh for the sake of ease of describing the story. I guess, I am getting too much inspired by my professors these days, but never mind. They are there to inspire people like me:) And I feel proud and fortunate that I am able to grasp the emotions and gist of the stories that they narrate in the class.

Anyways, the story goes like this. Rajesh had been in UK for a CSR (Corporate social responsibilities) activity. That year, he chose to nurse and take care of one of the terminally ill patient in a hospice in UK. Just for your information, terminal illness is a medical term commonly used to refer to a disease that will result in the death of the patient regardless of any treatment intervention and a patient who has such an illness may be referred to as a terminal patient or terminally ill patient. And such patients are generally sent to a hospice where they are taken care of.

And so, he landed up in one of the hospice in UK. He was asked to take care of this one old lady called Megan (name changed, off course), who had been suffering from Lung Cancer

For few days Rajesh observed the ambiance and environment out there. Obviously, it was full of depression and distress. People, primarily used to talk about death, how it would feel when they would face it, how painful it would be, when would be the time when they will face it and they used to discuss all those sort of painful things.

Rajesh, obviously got very disturbed by witnessing the pain and worries of the people who are on the verge of dying and worst part was, they were aware of it

But then, there was this one lady who never used to talk about this one topic: death and that was Megan. She used to talk about everything apart from death. She used to discuss about the political, social, economic conditions of the country, her concerns regarding the same. She was, even fighting and struggling to improve the basic amenities of the hospice.

On top of that, Rajesh says that there was something different about her, that made her stand out in all. Something that was so charismatic and alluring. And that was her smile. It seems she always used to wear that smile, despite the fact that it really hurts to smile if you are a lung cancer patient.  It is so because when you smile your face, your body is stretched, including your lungs and it causes an unbearable pain to a lung cancer patient.

Even then it seems this lady always used to have a beautiful smile on her face, which used to make her look extremely pretty. Rajesh describes her as a very adorable lady. And he even says that he never got a chance to take care of her because she was always so active, both physically and mentally. Rajesh was extreamly shocked to see her doing all this, at this devastating stage of life.

Which normal person would dare to laugh and smile all the time, while standing on the death's door? Which normal person would dare to discuss about country's issues while he own life is on the verge of finishing? Why would such a person bother about anything else in the first place? At such stage, people normally tend to go into a depression, leave every hope, stop doing all the activities and wait for the death to strike them.

What they don't understand is we all are in the same situation. The only difference is people inside the hospice are aware of the fact that they are going to die, but people outside have no idea. Anybody can die anytime! Infact, they can take it as an opportunity to do every damn thing they wanted to do in the lifetime, to enjoy and celebrate every moment. We, outsiders spend these precious moments in stressing ourselves out for jobs, work, money, children, family etc, without bothering and thinking about the fact that if we die  the next moment, then what use will this all be of? We waste our present in a hope to make our future happy and that moment never comes!

Anyways, yeah so Rajesh saw her doing the same thing for 3 months. He saw Megan's determination to live every moment with happiness and positivity, to do what she loves doing.

And after next 2 months, there happened a miracle. Megan was sent back to the hospital as her health was improving. They say its really rare for a patient to come back to the hospital once sent to a hospice. Even the doctors were stunned to see this case.

And they say its just her positivity that worked on her body. Its true your body behaves according to your mind set. If you are negative towards it all the time, if you crib and cry about a disease, your body accepts the fact and give up to it. But when you make your mind and heart work in other direction towards positivity, your body is left with no option but to follow them.

This is the power of being happy and positive all the time. All parts of your body react in exactly the same way, as how you feel:) So, make them happy...

BTW, Megan was cured and is amongst those rare patients who have been able to come out of the horrible trap of cancer and that too, in the last stage, just because of her positive attitude. May be some power somewhere saw Megan smiling and loving life and thought to give her few more time to enjoy life. And guess this is how miracles happen

Keep smiling. Stay Positive. Be happy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Me to Myself

Dear 22 yr old me,

How are you? Oh sorry, Let me ask you in your style, what's up? Hows life? I know quite busy... Busy in catching up with the swift pace of life, busy in proving yourself. BTW, to whom??? Oh!! You are busy in getting an answer to that as well!

Its not your fault. That's the aggression that comes with this age. But have you observed that you are becoming a workaholic. You don't think so? Yeah? Then what are you doing in office at 11 pm? Why cant you sleep for one night without thinking about your clients, your work, about your boss and yes, about your competition at work? Why are you unable to enjoy anything in your life?

Your family came to visit your place for the first time. And you did not even take a day's off to be with them!!! Is this acceptable? No. They went back without complaining. But you missed few very precious moments of your life.

BTW, did you have lunch today? No, you dint and you don't even remember that. Why? You were busy. There was an important project delivery today! And dinner? You missed that too dear, because you were just too tired to cook.

Why do you worry so much about everything? About work? The competition is killing you. Did you observe? You are becoming a different person. You have already killed all that you used to love doing. You have already forgotten your hobbies.

Don't get infuriated. I don't mean to criticize you. I just want to tell you to hold for a moment, as you are killing me!!! Your tomorrow. I just want to tell you that its not that bad as it looks. Your future is safe. You have a good life ahead. You really do not have to kill yourself by thinking and stressing yourself. By over-working for the heck of "safe guarding" your career and your future. I just want to tell you, it will be good, any which ways!

Take this advice from a lil grown up and lil matured you, do not run behind things that are not going to help you in becoming happy in anyway. They are actually killing you, they are creating an urge in you that is unquenchable. And this urge will never let you sleep easy, will never let you be happy and contented and this all matters in life!

Be with your family, enjoy spending time with them, you will never get this time again. Do what you always wanted to do, go out and have fun with your friends!!! And that will give you real happiness, and to me too

Do not waste these precious moments. Please

Love and best regards,
29 years old you

The changing facet of FB

Facebook! A name that has impacted everyone's life, for few in a huge way and for others, in small fragments. But Facebook is certainly influencing everyone's life, the quantum might vary.

It was, initially and majorly, a very powerful source of connecting with your friends from school and college, with whom you wouldn't have been ever able to make a connection otherwise. Its a blessing that way!

But lately rather than just being a medium of getting connected with your friends, people have started using it as a platform for showing off, showing off everything, everything that they have and everything that they do not even have, everything that they possess, everything that do not even own, which includes both materialistic and emotional things

They vent out their anger on their walls, they flaunt their happiness, they drown in their sadness. FB wall has actually become a showcase for every damn feeling they have.Its a open personal diary

For them, Facebook has become a virtual home:)  For others, its a medium to just let their acquaintances and friends know about their valuable possessions and achievements. No offence intended:)

This is not at all an acquisition. No! Who am I to judge anyone, when even I am a part of the same:) How dare I point out fingers at others when three of them are pointing towards me? Ouch! It hurts! But the truth is yes, even I am a part of it at times. How? Let me tell you.

On a usual day, while getting bored of my rather insipid life, wanting to kill my time, desperate to get rid of my monotonous schedule, I look upto Facebook for help.

Now, let me take you through my FB experience, I open my FB page, see a status of one of my friends, "Friday blast! Time to party...!".


What did I do?

Take a breath and click on like!

 I scroll down, another status from one of my another friend, "Had an amazing day in the wilderness. Life is beautiful". Sigh!

What did I do?

Like and move down.

Here comes a set of pictures from one of my friends holidaying in Paris, with crazy and fun filled poses. Sign.

What did I do?

Like. Move down...

A cousin of mine, "Thank you my love for this beautiful ring! I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you".

What did I do?

Like and here, commented "I am so happppyyyyyyyyy and thrilledddd. wowwww... Congrats!!!!!" with a boring and murky face, with no expressions to match with the words I just scribbled! And then, I scroll down.

And I go through the same zillion of stories and tales of my friends, cousins, acquaintances etc depicting their fun-filled and amazing life!

BTW, I even go through some amazingly hilarious posts like

" 'm the princessss of mah own world!" (Yeah!!! and we are slaves of our own world)

Some idiotic selfies with "Mah, mayself" (We all are someone else!!!)

"Heartbreak </3" (I am sorry!!! but even this 'serious' msg looks hilarious when posted on a FB wall)

"Forevaaaa 2gther!" (No comments!!! These 'Forevaaaa 2gther' couples are the most irritating ones on FB)

Anyways, what did I do? With a sulky feeling in the heart, with no zeal, passion or excitement, I go to my status, select a feelings icon of "excited"!

I shut down my lappy and dive deep into my sleep filled with crazy dreams.

But then, my brain starts mulling over few questions like why do we love to show each and every part of our happiness, happiness that exist and happiness that we crave for, the pretentious one. May be its just a way to get rid of your monotonous life (the way I did!). Is this, all that we see true or just a fallacy??? Or is it a way for them to hide the boring and sad part of their lives? Or do we intend to make others jealous!

What is it??? Nobody knows! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't go far off...

Don't go far off, not even for a day, because --
because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long
and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station
when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep.
-Pablo Neruda

Sunday, May 11, 2014