Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The superficial and illusionary social media world

Me and a friend of mine were having a very out of the ordinary chat today. She was telling me some very interesting stats about her friends. She told me that 90% of the male friends of her husband are really tired, stressed out and completely frustrated. No, not because of work load but because of the unnecessary pressure at home! Confused... Right? Same was my reaction.

But then I am amazed the way wives have started torturing their husbands. And you will be amazed too, when I tell you for what. Let me tell you in the exact way as the wives torment their husbands with stupid and insane complains, like:

"My cousin goes to vacation every alternate month!"
"My friend's husband gifted her a solitaire on Anniversary. And you gave me a diamond one!"
"They got a new Volvo!!! And we still own an old Honda City"
"They went to New Zealand for their honeymoon. Even I want to go there"
"They go pubbing every other day and we, we are always at home!"
"I do not want to holiday in India. It has to be abroad. Even my friends take only abroad vacations"
"My friend is out pubbing on a Friday night and what am I doing? Cooking for you... what a life!"
"You never post our pics together. Look at her husband, how much he loves her. His profile pic is always with his wife"
"You never click my pictures! Look at her pics, they are so awesome"

And this list is never-ending. The problem here is, we women just see something posted by others on social sites and goes to the extent of believing it to be their 'only' life.

We see are the "happy" and lovey-dovey posts and start comparing our lives with them and obviously, that leads to pointless inferiority complex which eventually either turns into depression or we start torturing our husbands to provide the same kind of happiness, which almost have no existence. Why do I say that?

Let me explain. Those pics you see, those posts you see are just few moments of a person's life. Obviously nobody posts the 'sad' parts of their lives (some fools do that as well, though). And what do you do? You compare your 24*7 with those few moments!!! Obviously, those few 'happy' moments will look more luring.

Another issue is, these days all that we want to do, all that we want to possess is not for 'ourselves', but for showing off, for making others envious! We don't want to go on a vacation, to spend time with our families. No! It is so that we can show others that we are enjoying our lives, by holidaying at exotic places.

We are not happy with a small diamond ring, but a solitaire is what we want. Why? So that we can happily and proudly brag about it on our Social networks

It doesn't matter if we are "really" happy with our husbands or not, but then there have to be awesome pictures of a "happy" couple that can be portrayed on our walls

Why? Why are we turning into superficial beings?

That 'real' thing is getting eliminated from our lives. The things that our moms had, doing so much for the family, sacrificing herself, her each and every happiness for her kids and never ever complaining about it.

BTW, I have a point to make here. People who have something missing in their lives are the ones, who tries to show that 'missing' part,  going out of board! Believe me...  Its human tendency to hide the 'sad' things with the illusionary 'good' and 'happy' things

I remember an incident. When my sister finished her Post Graduation recently, and she was sitting at home idle, jobless. My dad used to tell others (even if not asked why) that, she is preparing for her bank exams. He would give such a happy face to the whole situation. This is what we all do! We do not want to show the 'bad' or 'sad' part of our lives to anyone. Infact, we, very conveniently present  the despairing things, dressed in expensive branded fashionable attire of happiness. This is what is happening all over, on all the social media sites these days!!!

Its not social media platforms to be blamed for this, its us: the fools, who do not know how to extract the best and positive things out of something, rather we rot the system to the extent, that starts damaging us!

Come on guys, just by seeing few 'happy' moments from other's life, do not start torturing yourself and your family. You have no idea how many problem those guys would be going through, how many depressing things they would be facing in their daily life! Don't just see what is shown, see whats beyond and at least, whatever you see, do not allow it to effect your happiness, your life. Do not let anything so superficial create a havoc and cause conflict in your relationships. Respect your relations, they are much more meaningful that these meaningless things!

Else, one day you will realize that these superficial materialistic things for which you sacrificed your happy moments were just not worth it, but that would be too late then. All you would be left with is "Regret!!!!"

Keep smiling:)

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  1. You have mature thoughts and your writing reflects changing facets in very simple ways. Happy writing.


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