Sunday, October 26, 2014

Be mine!

Hold my hand, let me make you feel what I feel
Come, come in my arms, let me hide you in my heart
Look into my eyes, let me show you what lies deep in them
Touch me, let me reveal whats hiding beneath this smile
Walk with me,  let me take you to my world
Make me yours, let me share a part of my soul with you
Leave the meaningless part of your life, be mine...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The normal regular days

I am back with a guilt of not penning down anything since so many days!

Anyways, what bought me here today was a realization. A very basic one though, but important enough. And the realization is that what we consider as normal and regular can actually be special. Now, let me be specific by contracting the vague horizon of this word "normal". Lets take an example of the 'normal days' that we so deliberately take for granted. At times, we do not understand the value of having a regular day. In fact we feel irritated because nothing special happened on that particular day: no rendezvous with friends, no party, no movie, no date etc etc.  What we don't realize is that even those "normal" days that we disregard and do not value, are indeed 'special' days! It takes an incident to make us realize that and start respecting these same "normal" days.

Ok then, let me continue this through an incident that opened my eyes to this realization, that was almost like achieving Moksha. <pun intended> While returning back from office today, I was in the same irritated mode of cursing my friends for not meeting me in the evening, and making my day boring! Even the office was filled with 'regular' work. Nothing exciting happened and the day was about to get over on a very 'normal' node, yet again, which generally I don't prefer. And so, I was completely annoyed and was lost in my own world.

And while dwelling in my thought, I realized and noticed that the bus in front of me had suddenly braked, wrenching me back to reality, my feet went on to the brakes but too late! and boom!!! There was a loud smashing sound and after few secs, I realized what I have done. I, obviously was so furious, screamed and shouted at the driver but then like any other bus driver, he did not bother and I realized it was just waste to talk to him. And I came back to the car, furious, fuming, ranting and ready to kill someone.

Went directly to the mechanic from there, and got an estimation of the huge expense that was about to come on my head and was about to make a hole in my pocket.

Leaving the car there, I took a rick and came back home. And then, something inside me asked, "Got the excitement you were craving for? Right? Now happy?" and I was filled with guilt. I hate this inner voice of me, that is always looking out for a chance to make me feel guilty! I completely lack this quality of killing a person with sarcasm. BTW, I strive and crave for it and whenever I try, I suck. literally! I can give a live eg. Scroll up and go to the sentence, where I mentioned "Pun intended"! You will understand what I meant. But my inner voice, is a champion of sarcasm man! I have no clue from where it procured this quality and from where these dialogue come <Jealous>

Anyways, the same annoying voice again screamed from inside, "Excitement can not always be fun!" And actually, I could see the other side.

Moral of the story: we take these regular, normal days  for granted. Actually they are special and we should be thankful for being a day "normal" for at least not having to bear with anything negative on that day. Its a blessing to have a normal day, filled with may be regular and boring stuff, but at least not with something that may give you pain or may hurt you.

Respect and love the normal part of life as well, in the same way as you love the exciting and fun part of it. Because there is something below the normal as well, which I am sure you would not love to deal with!

P.S. Too many 'realizations' in the above note! I just realized, after writing. Oops! and I did it again....