Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Male Chauvinists...

“So tell me gentleman, tell me the time and place where it was easy to be a woman.” 
                                                                                            ― Andrew Sean GreerThe Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

The world is changing with a high pace. Its moving towards being much modern, contemporary, liberal and a tougher much better place to survive live. But then, so much said and so much written, the question is are we, as well moving with the world? Are we able to give an equal pace to our thinking as well? Are we able to match up with the speed of the changing world?

I guess no!

This comparison may be applicable to many things. But then, I only have one thing in my head for now and I have no intention to digress from it. And that one thing is: Have we been able to accept women being a equal part of men's world? Have we? Oh yes! Its an old topic. Discussed again and again... Rotten... Boring... Monotonous... Wait! Are you yawning? Just by listening to the words "equal" and "women" again, yet again.

But the truth is what so ever we do, how so ever decayed and decomposed this topic gets, we cannot turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to it! Atleast, we women can't. Because, we have to face this weird, unpleasant and awkward moment in our lives many times, that force us to realize that Oh well, we are women and we are not made for suppose to be doing certain things!

I am sure every woman: women in business, working women, women entrepreneurs, housewives, yes, almost all women, at one or the other point of time have to encounter this orthodox thinking. And being a woman, I feel it, I see it and I am forced to accept it at times. I am not generalizing anything, because I am fortunate enough to be friends with many men who respect a woman's freedom and independence of choosing the way they want to live, but then I can't deny the fact that I even know men, who gives a stare to any woman who works, who tries to cross the perimeter that a woman is supposed to confined to.

No, I am not trying to play the role of a poor woman. Definitely not! Just want to give a small message to all those, who still have a male chauvinist hidden somewhere inside them.

Yes, I am a woman! and I am proud of that...
Yes, I am a woman and I do have a brain of my own... And I use it... Rather I love using it...
I do cry at small things but it certainly does not mean that I am weak, I am not Sir!
I do feel tired at times, but it certainly does not infer that I am frail. Oh well, I am not...
At times, I might even give an impression that I have surrendered, but thats just because I do care for others' feelings, more than my well- being. You see its imbibed in us by nature
I might choose to be silent at times, but that does not mean I am dumb!
I might act and think irrational at times, but that does not mean I lack practical wisdom
I might need your support sometimes, but that does not make me helpless
I might sound too emotional at times, but that does not imply that I cant be assertive
I might not look strong at times, but that does not mean I am scared of anything

God has granted us: women with immense amount of strengths, but the problem is these strengths are considered to be our weaknesses!

P.S: The bigger problem is we are hard wired with too many strengths...
PS.S Far too many strengths!

Keep smiling and just, chill and enjoy being a woman:)