Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Staring into nothingness

I often find myself getting dragged into these weird, yet desirable dreams. And it happens all the time, yes all the time. I often find myself starring out of the window...staring at nothing, yes, absolutely nothing. But I find peace there, in that dark nothingness! 

My mind, my soul remains there, till I compel them to come back, come back to this real world, my real world that is full of thoughts, dreams, desires, cravings, love, pain, hurt, curiosity, excitement, emotions, mistakes... These things make me go strong in this journey to an unknown destination. They make me feel closer to whereever I am heading.

Thoughts that comprise of my past, present and future. They make me dizzy, yet make me happy...
Dreams, dreams that perhaps everyone has: to become something, to be someone, to achieve something and to make a difference...

Desires that keeps me driving on daily basis, desire to be the best, desire to look the best, desire to have and own the best. Desire to be happy. Cravings for what I want, what I yearn. Love. Well, who do not want love. We all do: in one or the other way. I guess, this is one word, which has different definitions and different meanings to different people. 
Pain, where there is love, there will be pain!

Hurt, This real world is actually incomplete without this one thing
Anxiety: It drives me man! Anxiety to know what will happen, anxiety about new things, anxiety to know everything
Excitement, to dance, to sing, to laugh, to smile, to scream, to love, to be happy, to be elated. Excitement drags me to the world of ecstasy
Emotions make me feel alive. But they also, sometimes, push me to go into my world of nothingness
Mistakes: they make me learn, push me towards a better me…

This is what my real world is all about. And when I am tired of it, I start staring into my nothingness, where I find peace. And lately, I often find happiness too there