Friday, May 22, 2015


“It never gets easier, missing you. And sometimes I wonder if it ever will.”
― Heather BrewerNinth Grade Slays 

It seems like centuries, since I had been made to part ways from you.

Centuries of togetherness but still loneliness prevailing in the darkest of the corners. Centuries filled with love, but still my heart longing for the love that’s unmatched. Centuries of happiness and bliss, but still my soul craving for that unbounded joy. Centuries filled with rendezvouses with friends and loved ones, but still surviving with the desire to see you once. Centuries of achievements and success, but still yearning to share them with you.

Looks like centuries have passed without you being next to me, pampering me, scolding me, guiding me, loving me, sharing my pains and joy, supporting me at every step of my life.

Almost every night, these questions trouble my mind, they revolve around my head to find an answer, at times jolting me with such a hard thrust that the answers start falling down my cheeks, through my eyes.

Why did I have to get married? Why did I have to leave my own house? Why did I have to leave you? Why was I expected to give your place to someone else in just a span of a moment? Why did I have to change my family? Why did I become a visitor in my own house? Who gave the authority to all to change my world upside down? Its you who took care of me, why can’t I do the same to you, when needed?

Why can’t I spend my whole life with you like boys do! Why all these rules were made only for girls? Why do we have to suffer the pain of being away from you for the rest of our lives? Why? You know nobody, absolutely nobody ever can fill the gap that this peculiar tradition creates in our lives. At least we can be considered to be asked for what we want: Life with you or without you….

You know it hurts… You know Life is incomplete with you… and guess, it will always be! 

P.S. I miss you

P.P.S. And I wonder at times, do you miss me too?

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  1. Sometimes, I too have wondered about this - Why all these rules were made only for girls?

  2. Thats how the world has been built! @Haddock... Thanks for dropping by:)


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