Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little things with tiny miracles...

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” 
― Andy Warhol

We, recently shifted to a new place. And this time, I really suffered! Because there were so many things and so much paraphernalia. Honestly, I never realised that my house, apart from being my home obviously, was also an inventory to so many goods and chattels. 

Anyways, so after shifting, next day when I woke up and saw heaps of cartons lying there in the hall, I almost went into depression. And then , by the evening I felt as if, almost the same amount of cartons were still lying there, kind of teasing me! I decided to shed my superwoman image and call for a help.

I asked watchman to send some maid to help me with the same. Next day morning, there were two girls who came, one was 18 and other was 16 years old. Now I gave one to finish my kitchen and other to set up my other rooms and I myself was busy with setting up my books and crockery. Once done with all that, it was the turn to unveil the biggest monster. I, am a packrat of shoes and cloths! And for the first time in my life, I regretted it and I wished I had not accumulated so much stuff! I gave one of the girls to handle my shoes cartons and the other to help me with setting up my cloths. It took us some 5 hours, in which we had 3 cups of tea and a lot of chit-chat. They told me about themselves, about from where they hail, what they and their parents do for a living. 

And then, while leaving the younger one said something that I will never ever forget in my entire life.
She said, 'Didi, everyday before sleeping I pray to God, I never ask anything, I just pray... But today I will ask and request him to give me a life like yours, in my next life.'

I just smiled, I had no words! I just heard my inner voice saying, 'My life is actually a wish for few people, a wish for their next life.' 

Do i really value it that much? Do I really appreciate that fact? Do I even, realise what I have!

Instead, I keep on cribbing and crying about things that I don't have. I, like many others, just see people who are above me and wish to be like them. I and many others just take out the faults in our stars and push ourselves into the swamps of darkness and pain. We, so easily disregard things that we already own and have in life. We just forget to notice people below us and in the urge to get success, all we do is compare ourselves with people above us, antagonise ourselves, which leads to pain, hurt and depression. 

We kind of create this unprecedented agony for ourselves, that it becomes so difficult for us to get out of it and realise the good things that we are surrounded with. The pressure of being on the top, cravings for materialistic things just supersedes all other small things that could give us ample amount of happiness. And instead of cherishing these small bits and pieces of happiness, we ignore them in quest of big achievements, that would give us the pleasure of gloating and boasting in front of the entire world. And we, misapprehend that pleasure to be happiness. This is where we fail, we just look out for moments that could give us a chance of chest thumping, instead of moments that could give peace and happiness to our hearts and soul. We have become so hollow, so blind in hunt of something that we, ourselves wouldn't be aware of. We despise little thing, that might give us happiness and that might contain tiny miracles, for something that we are not even sure of, if it will come in our way or not. 

Why are we human beings so complex? Why cant we just be happy with what we have. Why do we weave this web of desires, that become so difficult for us to contend with. Why do we put ourselves in a position to get lynched by our own desires and wishes? Why? Why cant we just live happily with whatever we have. 

Why? And I have been sleeping with this why since that day...

P.S. Have still not got the answer... But have surely been able to push myself towards realizing and appreciating little things, that actually contain so much miracle and magic...

P.S.S Magic is magic, how so ever small or tiny it is...

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