Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I wanna see you happy

Can I ask something? Something...
Do I make you happy?
I know its not easy to answer
But still I want to know!

I just want to make you happy
Though it feels opposite at times
I wonder if I give you all that you want
And I ponder if I am the woman you desire
Will you ever leave?
Say No please...

Your happiness is all that I care about
Your smile is all that I wanna see
Your giggles are all that I wanna hear
Nothing I want, if I cant have that
Your sadness makes me wretched,
Your gloominess drenches me with dejection
I feel like taking you in my arms and holding you tight
When I see you cry, I feel like wiping away your tears forever
And I feel like giving you all that I have
To stop you from bleeding, I can take away all your pains
Just to make you smile
Just to make you happy

Even if it means to let you go...
I will, yes baby I will
I just wanna see you happy
I just wanna see you smiling
Even if I have to let you go...

I know I am not perfect
My love is not great, its selfish... Its imperfect...
I don't love you unconditionally
But I love you enough to try for all that...
And I will, one day make that happen
Till then, will you stay?

But if you wanna leave, leave... If thats where your happiness resides...
If you go away, I will wait for you
In this life and the next one too
No one I want after you
No one I desire now
Nothing I crave for...
Its just your touch that can take me to the peaks of pleasure
Its just your love that can fill me with ecstasy
Nothing can give me that joy
You are a dream come true
You are the love that I always yearned for

And so, I will wait for you
'coz eventually you will come back to me
Nobody can love you the way I do
So baby, you will come back to the imperfect me...
You will come back to me and I will wait... forever
I promise
'Coz you are my soulmate, the one my soul longs for...

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