Friday, September 11, 2015

Lets stop feeding the negative Trolls!

“Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”
― Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

Read a news last week... Not exactly News - News... But yeah, it was featured on NDTV website, so I referred it to News. BTW, this is one of the most misused words these days: News!

Anyways, yeah so the news was that someone tweeted to Sonakshi Sinha asking "What makes you so damn ugly?"

Keeping Sonakshi's brilliant reply apart, I was actually upset by this one question. It dragged me into thinking what's wrong with people these days? They are kind of losing all their common sense of mannerisms and the decent way of behaving in public. I mean they don't bother about crossing that thin line of not respecting someone and insulting someone. There is a subtle difference between the two, which people are just forgetting or rather not caring to remember.

We, as a society are becoming so intolerant to each other. We are filled with so much resentment and vexation, that we look out for an outlet to let it go, by spreading that negativity into other's life. And when we can't get someone nearby, we take shed of social networks to spit this negativity, this hatred on someone we don't know, we have no relation with.

And these scarcely concealed negative feelings of - Jealousy, hatred or whatsoever, are just so much reflecting in people's actions on social networks these days. They insult anyone they like, in any which way, using any derogatory words or terms.

Some people also do it for gaining a little share of popularity, like the one particular case that I mentioned above had been making a buzz everywhere on news websites, making the person who trolled quite famous!!! And you know, these people are worse than the ones, who do it in the compulsion of taking out their frustration.

You know what's the worst part? It is that these kind of things are contagious! Many others also start tweeting, posting such negative stuff! Not just that, look at the overwhelming response on these posts: they are greeted with so many other retweets and comments! Imagine if we don't share or reply to them (both anti and for), they will eventually succumb because of the lack of virality. But then as much as it sounds simple, it's hard to be inserted in different brains. There are like-minded people everywhere to support and encourage each other! They forget that today it's someone else, tomorrow it can be them!

I am definitely not commenting on the merit of whats right and whats not. It definitely depends on and differs from individual to individual, but then there are certain tacit norms on how to behave and enunciate your feelings in public. I know we are a democratic country with freedom of speech and all, but then there is a thing called respect! Respect others... It's something that is taught and given so much stress on since our childhood. Where are we dumping all that education and why? 

Rather than spreading so much negativity, so much hatred, rather than always trolling on someone, why don't we try to see good things in people, and compliment them. If we can't do that, then why don't we just restrict ourselves from minding our own business, why don't we force ourselves to keep this loathing and detestation within us.

And even if that is out of our control, if at all one can't stop the urge of screwing up someone's day, then why not do it in a decent way, a little healthier way. There are many funny trolls being circulated on Social networks. Why don't we just restrict ourselves to that kind of a form, rather than crossing the lines and insulting someone beyond a limit?

Remember the trolls on Alia Bhatt, after answering that one question wrong on Koffee with Karan! We declared her dumb, we labeled her with so many insulting terms. There were so many trolls on Sonam Kapoor for using the word misogynistic in her tweet against the meat ban recently! What's wrong in that? BTW, she cleared it off in her later tweets. But even if she made a mistake, its ok! These guys, who poke dirty fun at others/ celebrities don't commit any mistakes? Oh, then they must be from the kinds of Hulk, Superman, Batman (or Shaktiman!) Simply put, they might be super human beings because only then it is possible to not commit any mistake.

It's insane to be so insensitive and inconsiderate. We are driving our society also on the same path. Today social networks are filled with negative things, things filled with hatred, hostility, bitterness than positivity and happy stuff!

Lets spread happiness, smiles, lets share good and beautiful things, lets spread positivity or let's make fun of others in a healthy and acceptable way, lets make our social world a better place to exist! Is it that difficult?

P.S There is an exception to the above said things: Rahul Gandhi!


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