Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The tough decisions: You or them...

We, humans are so weirdly wired. No?

We love to be free. Yes, we do and every single person does! Come on, don't you? Everybody does. We all feel like just being by ourselves, doing what we love and what we actually want to do... Right? But then still we are so desperate to bind ourselves in relations, which to a certain extent takes away that freedom. 

We bind ourselves by creating so many expectations from our loved ones and in return, working hard to fulfil theirs. And in all this, we simply forget ourselves. We forget our individuality. We become so busy giving love to others that we simply forget to love ourselves. We become so busy fulfilling other's expectations that we just start taking 'us' for granted. Is that right? We don't even care if we are happy or not.

And the worst part is, till the day you think about others and make your life and decisions revolve around the people you love, they will be happy. They will be with you, they will adore you but the moment you try to take that away, the moment you try to add 'You' in your life, you will mess it up all. The same people who use to love you will start criticizing you. Trust me! Actually, they will start finding faults in everything you do then, even with the things that you used to do before, things that used to make them happy! 

You will be left alone, thinking and pondering what wrong did I do? Thinking if this life is actually yours? Thinking which way to go? Yours or theirs? To make yourself happy or them? Tough decisions!

And be ready to be labelled with different adjectives: Selfish, egocentric, Self-centered etc.

They will kill you every single day with these harsh words... Be ready to get tortured. 

It's not easy to love yourself in this cruel world, 'coz the price you for that is loneliness.

P.S. Sometimes I feel 'selfish' people are the happiest people on this planet 'coz they give a damn to what others think about them.

P.P.S. Have you heard about unconditional love? Well, there is no such love... Till the time you fulfil the conditions, everything will be heaven and you won't even come to know that you had been fulfilling them. The day you stop entertaining those conditions or pay any heed to them, you would understand that there is no existence of such words as 'unconditional' when it comes to giving adjectives to Love!