Saturday, January 28, 2017

The unforgivable act of violence!

Humanity has touched another low with the incident that happened in Jaipur, where Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted while shooting for Padmavati. This horrifying incident did not just left everybody shocked, but also devastated, because it is a proof that things are going to get worse in our country. The day this incident happened will go down as a sad day in the history of India, when such illiterate goons with no inkling of facts or history attack anything that doesn't agree to their beliefs or doesn't go parallel to what they think is right.

The incident forced us to think if we really are living in a democratic sovereign country. Well, atleast that was the last thing we heard of...

Animals do that!! Attacking, killing. We are humans, why are we forgetting this day by day. Guess, its time to remove the tag of 'civilised' from our species.

And to everybody's dismay, such incidents are on a rise now. No amount of differences in opinion justifies this horrible violent act. If you have disagreements, there are other means to sort out the issues, go to court, speak up (there are so many platforms available these days) or protest, but violence? No, its not justified. Its cowardliness, its shameful, its disgusting!

This is definitely not what our forefathers, our ancestors taught. And what are we giving to the next generation? Hatred...

What are we turning into? An intolerant society whose levels have gone down to the extent of becoming over obsessed with certain ideologies, and bringing anyone down who have different views other than those! Its dangerous. If this continues, and at this pace, we will soon become like one of those countries in Middle east, who just do not bear anything against their ideologies. Do we really want to become one? No! A big no!

With time, we thought all the barriers, including caste and religion will eventually weaken. But unfortunately, they seem to have started becoming darker and deeper. 

Its scary! Such levels of intolerance are just petrifying. Anybody, anyone these days have the audacity to beat anybody up, on the name of patriotism, religion, values, honour and now, the newly added category to the list - History!

We, citizens of the greatest democracy in the world, should not let this happen. There has to be some way to stop these hooligans, justice has to prevail somehow. Until and unless that happens, these incidents will rise. 

I read about such horrifying incidents in books describing Germany under Hitler (Fall of giants - Ken Follett) or in books about Middle east and whenever I read such books, I thank God for not making me go through any such appalling and frightful times. But guess, we are on the verge of witnessing such times!

And BTW, if you have so many issues with distortion of facts, first go and change our textbooks, which are filled with so many contorted and misleading facts. Show your audacity there, not on helpless people

But now its time, we: all of us: have to stand and fight against these jokers and hooligans, and refrain them from making a mockery of our democracy. Lets not commit a mistake of staying silent and bearing all this crap and let these rowdies write our future, let them drive us as a society. Today its them, tomorrow it will be us. But the attacks will continue...

We have to stand against this terrorism now: for us, for our country, for our land, for democracy, for the next generations to come in. We cannot give them this: an obsessed society filled with hooligans and miscreants. 

- A Proud Indian and A Very Proud Hindu

P.S Hinduism is a religion that teaches us peace, tolerance and respect! Lets not forget that. We need to stop these idiots from making a mockery of our religion.

P.P.S  Some historians say that Queen Padmavati was only a mythical character imagined by the Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in his allegorical poem written in Awadhi, in 1540 AD. He wrote it around two centuries after Alauddin Khilji conquered a kingdom called Chittoor, in 1308 AD. Apart from this poem, there is zero evidence of Rani Padmavati. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Playing with the fire...

Hey Shivi, What are you doing?
Playing with fire..

Yes, fire! Burning my hands, and feet and heart and soul...

And why are you doing that?
'coz its the fire of love... It hurts, but it makes you fly... It pains, but then, the sufferings are worth it!