Monday, January 15, 2018

Padmavati, oops Padmavat Row

I just happened to stroll by my blog today after an year and guess what, I got so many surprises. Few of them are listed below:

1. The number of views has increased by leaps and bounds
2. Getting more comments on my posts like never before
3. I am still getting good average views per day, despite the fact that I have not written from last one year.

But... but the biggest surprise was - I wrote about Padmavati row just one year before, on 28th Jan' 17... and here I am, on this blog (accidentally) exactly after one year, and the topic remains the same - Padmavati.

I mean, seriously for us a movie is a such a huge issue that we stretched it for one year? ONE FULL YEAR... I mean, even Nirbhaya (i believe the worst thing that happened to our nation in recent times), was also forgotten in about 3-4 months. People stopped protesting and went back to their regular lives in just a few days and here we are, shamelessly dragging an irrelevant issue for over a year now.

Today I read that  "Kshatriya Women Threatening a 'Jauhar' If 'Padmaavat' Release Not Stopped". Where were these women when girls are being rapped in our country? Why don't they come forward and threaten a Jauhar or a protest and demand a reasonable punishment for the culprits?

I am not denying, absolutely not denying the cause or sentiments or feelings behind the Padmavati protests. But all I fail to understand is why don't we show the same sincerity, the same zeal for other important issues? Why? We are fighting tooth and nail for a woman who is gone centuries before, why and why can't we fight for the women who are still alive, who are raped and left to suffer. Why don't we fight for the laws to be made more strict and harsher for the rapists? Why?

I wish we had shown the same honesty in dealing and fighting for issues that are far more grave, far more threatening than fighting for saving a part of our history. If that had been the case, we would have become a better society long back.

You know why we are where we are? Because we still live in the past and just do not want to look at our future. Because we are ready to die for people who are gone long back, but ignore who still breathe. Because we care for those who are irrelevant now and do not care about the ones who matter. Because... we are hypocrites. Yes, we are!

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