Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gone with the Wind: Margaret Mitchell

I finished reading Gone with the wind. I would begin with thanking the friend of mine who made me read this one book. I was reluctant in the beginning. Most of the classics that I have read, were during my PG and I really dint enjoy them much.Guess that was the study-effect:( You never like your course books, whatever you do! Infact, I used to find them really boring! But then, on the persuasion of my friend, I went on to read this one and then, there was never looking back.

The novel is considered to be one of the best in the classics of all times. Indeed it is! Its fascinating, engrossing, captivating! It carries a whole lot of world in itself, saying this I am really finding it hard to search for ways in which I can encapsulate this one amazing piece.

The story centers around Scarlett, the infamous protagonist. She is selfish, arrogant, too much proud, spoiled, brutally honest, but then, all these qualities, when amalgamated together made a very courageous, determined, audacious and bold character.A large part of this novel revolves around her lavish life before the American revolution and the after struggle of hers with hunger, to keep herself, her estate and her people safe.

A considerable amount of the book also revolves around American revolution, chronicling the tough journey of the south, beginning from the mere casual talks to facing the war in their own backyards! There is bloodshed and lives lost for the Cause, cause? Its the way of life that Southerners held onto with a determination they were ready and willing to die for.

And then there is a huge amount of struggle of people being depicted, trying to rebuild and reconstruct South! Its really depressing to know the kind of situations that a war throws the people into. Its sad and miserable.

Anyways, and then there is this amazing but totally different love story of Rhett and Scarlett! Its just so engaging that you wait for their moments to come. You wait for any conversation to happen between them, which is not at all filled with love or romance. On the contrary, its full of sarcasm and taunts and you still love it because its entirely different from the other love stories! Its so enchanting!

Guys, read this one book. Its breath taking, but yes, I would like to mention here that few parts of this book are filled with racism.  But then, if you kind of try to keep them aside, this book has the power to sweep away its reader into a different world, which is sometimes beautiful, but attimes harsh, which is filled with opportunities but attimes, also filled with hunger, which is enchanting but also cruel and repulsive.

It will grab your attention from the very first line which says, "Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm". You, attimes, abhor this character, but then attimes you are bound to fell in love with her! She  possessed an undeniable charm that leaves most men putty in her hands.

I fell in love with it and this book has taken a place in the list of books that I would like to re-read.

I just loved it!!!