Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stages of life: all we do is "die"

6 yrs old,
Innocent and impatient,
Dying to grow up as soon as possible
10 yrs old,
Naughty and callous
Dying to be out of parent's restricted shell
16 yrs old,
Cute and confused
Dying to understand the world's customs
22 yrs old,
B'ful and confident
Dying to be out, & make a mark for myself
26 yrs old,
Hot and high headed
Dying to be one of those on the top
32 yrs old,
Adult and matured
Dying to know whats next
40 yrs old,
Middle-aged and secured
Dying to figure out how to deal with my mid life crises
50 yrs old,
Wrinkled and unsure
Dying to do something different in life
60 yrs old,
Whimsical and stubborn
Dying to bring everyone in my control
70 yrs old,
Aged and unbearable
Dying to figure out what the world is upto
80 yrs old,
Tired and intolerable
Dying to look back and find few moments of happiness
85 yrs old,
Weary and exhausted
Dying to live my life again

But now, I am really dying... 
Apprehensive and scared to die,
Though it is what I have been doing my whole life,
Suddenly, I realize, I died everyday, at every stage of my life
And I forgot to live.
Replace "dying" with "living" and you will have nothing to regret
You will only have happy stories to share

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A true leader

Today I got an amazing example of a true leader while reading about a small incident from our former president Mr. Abdul Kalam's life.

It goes like this:

Mr. Kalam was chosen as the project director of one of India's largest satellite launch vehicle program, called the SLV-3. This program was to put India’s “Rohini” satellite into orbit by 1980.

But then despite of lot of efforts towards making it a success, the same got failed miserably. There was some problem that got developed in the satellite at the last stage and instead of going into the orbit, the whole rocket system plunged into Bay of Bengal. It was a huge failure and a letdown for the whole team.

Now, that very day, then chairman of the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Prof. Satish Dhawan had called for a press conference, which was obviously to be conducted by Mr Kalam as he was the project director. While in the press conference, it seems Mr Kalam got really nervous. And then, Prof. Dhawan pulled himself in and asked Mr Kalam to leave for doing something very urgent. Obviously, it was an excuse to make Mr Kalam leave the conference. And then, Prof. Dhawan, like a true leader conducted the press conference himself.

He took the complete responsibility for the failure on himself.  During the press conference, he said that the team had worked really hard, but that it needed more technological support. He even assured the media that in the next year, the team would definitely succeed.

How many leaders, in today's world have the courage to stand next to their team. Infact how many leaders have the courage to stand and take the responsibilty for their team's failure? How many of them become a shield to protect their team from all sort of problems. In realistic terms, the failure was of Mr Kalam, but instead, Prof Dhawan took the responsibility for the failure as the chairman of the organization.

The story doesnt end here.

Next year, the team again tried to launch the satellite and this time they  succeeded.

The whole nation was, obviously jubilant. And again, there was a press conference organized. But this time, Prof. Dhawan called Mr. Kalam aside and instructed him to conduct the press conference.

And he made Mr Kalam to be the face of the success.

This incident is a live example of a great lesson, which no book ever can teach. When failure occurs, a true leader of the organization owns that failure. And when success comes, he happily give it to his team.

Sad to say, but there is a dearth of true leaders in our country now. Be it in any sector, people are managers, bosses, but leaders: they are hard to find.

I wish there were more leaders like Prof. Dhawan. World would have been a happy place. Work would not have been a burden and life would have had become so easy and joyful, sans all the stress, tension and torture of the insensitive, selfish bosses.

Keep smiling.

A beautiful tale of emotions and relationships

So, I am back after a break. Had been so busy with office and studies that I just had no time for any other thing in life!

Anyway, today what bought me here is actually not me. Its one of my professors, whose story was just so damn incredible that I just could not hold myself from writing about this brilliant story of his, that he shared with all of us in the class today.

It made me believe that even today great people exists, people who care for their loved ones, people who consider and put emotions at a very special elevated place in their lives, for whom relationships matter more than any thing in the world: more than position, money, job, settling abroad etc.

Hats off to this man! And believe me, even you will feel the same after reading about the turning point in this man's career.

So, I will start the story from the very relevant point. This man's dream came true when he got a job in PWC in US. I mean, it would have been a dream come true for anyone on this planet. 

He joined the company and was there for about 7 years, settled in US, happily married with a kid. Like any other Indian migrating to US, he had plans for permanently settling in US. He even applied for a green card, which fortunately got through and he was about the receive the same in a year or so.

And there comes the turning point when one day while enjoying and having a good time at a party, he got a call from India. It was his dad, who called him to share a devastating news, which was that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

Obviously, any son would feel distressed after getting acquainted with such a horrible news about any of his parent. He, immediately flew to India to meet his mom . And after few days, he realized that his mother needed him the most at this point of time. She never said it because she never wanted to be a reason of destroying her son's career but then, she couldn't even hide her emotions, her feelings that she needed him the most at this stage of her life, in this frightening fight of hers. More than any medicine, more than her husband or anybody, it was him who could give her comfort and make her feel better.

He sensed it. That was his first step of greatness. How many sons today really make an effort to listen to the unsaid words of their parents? How many? We dont have time for such things these days. Right?

How many of us make an effort these days to feel the unrevealed emotions of our parents, emotions that are buried somewhere deep inside them, and emotions that are scared to come out in front of the world, to get exposed to this materialistic and busy world.

Anyways, the next greatness of this man is he took a decision to get back and settle in India.

My eyes were full of tears when I heard this. Because I had just witnessed these kind of sons in movies, the perfect sons. I never ever got a chance to meet one of these till date.

At the end, he told about the thing that made him strong enough to take such an audacious step of sacrificing his career and a green card (which is the biggest dream of every Indian staying in US). While he was going through this dilemma, it was just one thing that helped him to make his choice, which was:

He asked one simple question to himself, "She was always there with me, when I needed her. Now, can I leave her when she needed me the most? Shouldn't  I be there standing next to her in these toughest times, the way she always stood next to me in my struggles?"

I loved it. I was on the verge of clapping like an insane in the class itself. I know, how much strength it took for me to hold my emotions back.

I see people running behind jobs, money and all sort of materialistic things these days. There is really a dearth of real emotions in people that surround me. Everybody is like running in a race. Everybody is like swimming in the red ocean, saving themselves and ready to kill others for the sake of some materialistic thing. Is it worth it? Can it really give the real happiness? We just dont value the real things in life that can give you the real happiness.

We waste our valuable time in all sort of crap and its often, too late when we realize it.

So, respect the relationships in your life. Nothing in the world can give you more happiness than doing something for the ones you love, even if that means to make few sacrifices. They are worth it!

BTW, his mom got well and she is fit and fine even today:) And he believes that it was God's gift to him for doing his job, for fulfilling the unstated promise. I loved this one too!

Live every emotion, share them with you family, friends and people around you. Keep smiling and also, give a reason to others  for smiling.

Life is too short to be wasted on any of the materialistic things. They will not go with you when you leave the world, its just good memories and what you did for others, that will accompany you till the end of your journey and perhaps, even after that. Who knows:)
Keep smiling!