Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Value your friends: they are precious!

Few months back, I dint knew the meaning of friends. I used to think that friends are like many other strangers whom we meet, have fun with and then, they just leave and go away and then, we meet new people and the process gets repeated again… “Friends are life”, “friends are the best thing which can happen in your life” and blah blah… these things had no meaning in my life, absolutely no meaning.
And then, I changed my job and came to a new office. Even then I thought that I will make new friends easily. And the days started passing by… a week, 15 days, a month but I wasn’t able to make such friends, such which I had in my previous company: my gang… all my buddies…
And then I started missing them, missing them terribly. Then gradually I understood the importance of friends, what they mean in one’s life! I understood that its just not possible to make friends anywhere, anytime! I actually understood the difference between acquaintances and friends. I started having a strong urge to meet them daily, to see them, to talk to them, to go out with them and to have all the fun which we used to have.
And even after 3 months in this new place, I am not able to make such friends, such a gang.
Friends are special because they love you, they care for you and whenever you need, they are there for you… They make you feel special; they make you feel as if they need you always, they make you feel important which nobody else in world can! They make you feel as if their world is incomplete without you. They take care of your each and every happiness. They know how to make you smile when you are sad, they know how to make you happy when you are depressed, they make you eat when you don’t feel like, they love you selflessly, they love you like anything!
And this is the difference between acquaintances and friends. For an acquaintance, even you are an acquaintance! Nothing more than that. They will talk to you but will surely not bother about your happiness! They will accompany you for lunch/dinner but will not bother whether you ate or not. They will ask you the reason if they see you depressed but will surely not bother to make you smile and happy.  
Friends are not made manually, they get made automatically! Believe me, you can become friends with somebody without any efforts and cannot become friends with somebody even after trying hard!
That’s the difference! Yes, friendship is precious and believe me no relationship in the world as strong as friendship. Its a relationship in which there are no expectations, there are no selfish motives, there are no self-centered objectives and yes, there are no egos! There is just.... and just love:) So, if you have true friends, you are lucky! Value them. Please do not take them for granted and do not hurt them!

Value your friends, they mean a lot…

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