Friday, August 26, 2011

Being a Woman!

They say I am a die-hard feminist! And at times I even get criticized for being one. Not only men even certain women think that feminism is not something to which one should be so obessesed to.

But I am what I am, and I love what I love! I believe that women possess certain beautiful natural qualities that are inborn. And I am sure everyone will agree to that. Everyone would have observed these qualities in their moms, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, wives and would have definately appreciated them.

Few of these qualities which come first and automatically to my mind when I think of the word ‘woman’ are: Beauty, Love, Balanced, Sincerity, conviction, passion, emotional, courageous!

But I have no idea why society has labeled all these qualities as “weaknesses”.  Believe me possessing these qualities is not at all a sign of being weak! In fact a woman should be proud of the fact that a man has to actually learn and earn these characteristics while we women have them, own them and possess them as a gift from God! Don’t you think its little unjustified to denounce these characteristics as weaknesses? Don’t you think we women should be proud of owning them?

God has granted a different set of qualities to both men and women. I feel a man is dominated by his mind and a woman: by her delicate heart. A man has inborn qualities of being a warrior. They are rough,  tough, strong and egoistic! I have seen almost every man is proud of inheriting these qualities then why can’t we women feel proud of our set of inherent qualities!

I am somebody who is simply in love with the fact that I am a woman, a proud possessor of these inborn qualities which I use in managing my family, my friends, my professional life, my work, my colleagues, my relatives and everything and everybody in this whole wide world! These qualities have, undoubtedly defined me as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a daughter-in-law, a friend, an employee, a worker, a family maker, a best friend (and the list is endless!) These qualities have really helped me to deal with all the problems, issues, tough phases and hurdles which life threw at me.

When these qualities have helped me so much in life then wouldn't it be unfair to treat them as “weaknesses”? Don't I have enough reasons to be proud of them? Now, tell me why shouldn’t  I be obsessed with something which has assisted me in being a proprietor of so many qualities which made me strong and which made me what I am!!!

There is a famous quote from Marilyn Monroe - "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

So, be proud of being a Woman: a Life - Giver!


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