Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The chaos caused by an inefficient govt!

Its so sad and miserable to see our country witnessing such a weird turmoil and chaos! And the only one responsible for all this is our incapable and inefficient government! Corruption is something which every country has to face but there is surely a limit to everything, there has to be a line drawn. I mean if we look at the list of corruption cases year by year 2010 and 2011 have been the worst years with total no of 10 scams in 2010 and 5 scams in 2011 (which will definitely become more than 10 by the end of this year) This situation is so shameful and disgraceful, especially for our government. This is one government which has got everything wrong, everything: from corruption to intelligence failures to the way they deal with the situations!  Wish somebody should tell them that it’s a DEMOCRATIC INDIA and they should really understand what democracy means and they just cannot rule by being dictatorial.

They say that Absolute power corrupts absolutely! It is so true and congress has proved it again… By arresting Anna they have proved that they just do not care about anyone and anybody and thinks that they are ruling a dictatorial country! And on top of everything, the immature comments made by top leaders of congress acted like a cherry on the cake. I mean I and everyone would have been amazed by the senseless remarks which these idiots made on National Televison. They have just simply made a fool out of themselves… And the worst thing, the govt says that arresting anna was the decision of Delhi police. I mean what can anybody comment on this. It is the height of cowardness and shamefulness.
And on top of everything you should really listen to what one of the most senior advocate and father of union HRD and telecom minister Kapil sibal, Hira lal sibal have to say about all this incident. According to him, the nationwide campaigns in favour of Anna Hazare is a 'Madari show,' and yes, he thinks that public in India is very innocent and follow whoever plays with their emotions. Would love to tell him that Dear sir, This is what you think about Indians and that is why you, ur son and his govt never felt scared of doing any and every type of corruption but plz understand we are no more innocent, we know very well now who is right and who is wrong! Gone are the days when we Indians used to be innocent and used to bear everything! Now, its too much and high time for you all corrupt leaders to pay for your deeds.

They have proved that the safest way to protest in India is to burn shops, buses and to declare bandh instead of doing it in a silent way…

Imagine it took them 3 years to arrest Raja and dint even take 3 hours to arrest Anna who just wanted to protest via hunger strike. When a similar kind of thing happened in 70’s atleast Indira Gandhi had the power and boldness to control it but this ‘madam’ doesn’t even have guts to face it and boldness to control it… Sad to think that such kind of senseless and dumb woman is ruling our country!!!

While fighting for Independence, our leaders would have never imagined that Indians will be butchered by Indian leaders only. Today, by seeing Anna’s protest, I feel that Gandhi would have done it in the same way and so, people were so crazy about him! Anna has the same spark otherwise Indians are not that fools to wait outside Tihar jail for the whole night for him!

Guess, the only solution to all this is that all these oldies should get retired and should live happily thereafter on pension and leave the country on youth. Today’s youth know very well how to drive this nation! And yes the YOUTH means SANS Amul baba plz!

Anyways, hope God blesses our country and countrymen and just wish that these senseless people realize that they have to fight for an election again after 2 yrs, they have to beg for votes again in just 24 months!!! and so, work sensibly else you will block your chance of coming into power for years!

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