Friday, August 26, 2011

I don’t want to leave this world!!!

Tuesday was a sad day for us! We got to know about the demise of one of my friend's cousin. It was so distressing, painful and disheartening.

I dint knew him, I never met him but still, I felt a pain. He was just 26 years old and died of a heart attack. His 3 arteries were blocked! He was a non smoker, a veggie, somebody who used to drink occasionally! Then, how come it happened? Nobody had the answer.

I just couldn’t imagine what his parents would have gone through after knowing about him, after knowing that their son would never be with them now, after knowing that their journey together, which was meant to be forever (at least for them) has ended in just 26 years!

He came back from his home town to Delhi, (after a break) on the very same day of his death. Imagine, while seeing him off, his mom would have never ever imagined that that was the last time she was seeing her only son. She would have been praying for her son’s safety throughout his journey from his home town till Delhi. I couldn’t imagine the pain which his helpless parents would have gone through.

When my friend told me about the whole incident, there was one thing that jolted me completely from inside, which made the tears flow from my eyes! And that was while his colleagues were taking him to hospital, on the way, he simply told them that ‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to leave this world!’

I wish he would have survived that massive heart attack! I wish he was alive!

But there is one thing which indeed is little abstruse here, his three arteries were blocked and the first sign he got was a massive heart attack which took his life… Is that possible? How come he never got a hint of his blocked arteries in the past? Guess, he would have also ignored it as we all do. We have a tendency to ignore pains especially in the young age! And yes, one more thing I have always noticed that we Indians love to blame gastric problems for every pain… He also must have got some small or big pain, some sort of hint from his body. If he would have seen a doctor at the right time, guess he would have been alive today!

So, here is what I concluded: If you feel anything weird, if you feel any unusual pain: see a doctor immediately! It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, whether you drink and smoke or not, whether you suffered from any disease in the past or not, whether you are fit or unfit! If you feel anything unusual with your body, please do not ignore and see a specialist whatever it takes. Our body has a tendency to let us know if anything strange happens to it, it tries to communicate us about anything it feels is peculiar! Then why don’t we try to understand this indication, this hint and act accordingly on time!

So, understand your body’s language, listen to it, understand the hints (big or small) which it gives you when it feels something wrong and then, cure them before it becomes too late, before these "small and strange hints" turns into something incurable and destructive! Now I know the true meaning of the famous idiom: Cure is better than precaution!

Be safe, be happy! Keep smiling...

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