Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is a Roller Coaster!!!:P

Indeed it is! I mean sometimes life take us on the seventh sky from where everything looks so small and sometimes life throw us so deep that nothing is visible. This situation is more or less like a roller coaster or may be worse than that! huhhh???
Infact, I sometimes wonder why do some people pay to get a ride in a roller coaster! I mean when you are coming down from the topmost, it just get the shit out of you. Right?? It causes so much stress that you almost feel that you got a heart attack… And you actually pay for this stress!!! Obviously there would be some pleasure in it otherwise all the amusement parks would have got shut down till now, if it was all about pain and stress
Then why do we get paniced in the life’s rollercoaster and that too when it is free!!! Shouldn’t we enjoy it? Shouldn’t we get that same hidden pleasure even in these rides? We should. But we tend to get panic because these rides are uncalled for; we are actually not prepared for these rides. While on contrary on a real roller coaster, when its about to go up, we get prepared and when its about to go down, we close our eyes or do something else to ignore the stress and just to enjoy it.  And I guess this is the only difference between a real rather visible roller coaster and a life’s roller coaster. In the former one, we are aware of whats gonna happen next while in the later one we are not! But then isn’t later one better as its full of surprisesJ and who doesn't love surprises?
I am writing this post as even I am riding a hard and a fast roller coaster these days! Sometimes, I am Up in the sky and then, second moment I am down, where I can only see darkness, pain and I start feeling that I am a loser! Its not that I have not faced this situation before but just that this time its different in few aspects. Firstly, this time there is no time gap between the ups and downs. Its just so fast… Secondly, this time I feel as if I am riding more than one roller coaster simultaneously at one go. And all of them takes me up at the same time and brings me down at the same time which is so tiring and sometimes, frustrating!
Initially, I became extremely frustrated, upset and irritated by all this! But now, I have found out the formula to deal with it.
Its simple!
When you are Up, cherish the moments, enjoy them to the fullest but do not forget that this ride will also go down… so prepare yourself for it at the earliest
And when you are down, try to be happy and tell yourself that ‘A ride cannot remain down forever. It has to go up according to Nature’s law, trend (whatever word you use)’ so wait for that moment. Its something which is much more than just being hopeful. I mean here you have 100% certainty that this roller coaster will take you up at any cost. Sometimes, gradually: at a snail’s pace and at other times, so rapidly that this transition becomes difficult to believe…
So, this is what I am doing these days to deal with all the rides I am riding at one goJJJ

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