Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Petting a pet: An amazing feeling!

I really wanted to have a pet from longgggg…  But was always reluctant as I have been through the terrible pain of losing them! They become a part of u, of your life. Infact, you build a strong relationship with them as strong as that sometimes, u start assuming them as your kids and then, one day they just leave you…!!! They just go away!!!

I mean the max age of the most common pets: dogs and cats is 12 years (14 in some very rare cases)! Imagine spending 12 years with somebody and then, it just leaves you. It’s appalling and immensely painful! I have already lost 2 dogs and so I know how exactly it feels. Even today I miss them! Even today I remember each and every moment spent with them. When they used to take my dress away and I used to run behind them for getting it released, when I used to sit next to them and cry after getting scolded and used to feel as if they were listening to me and were also crying with me! When I used to share all my thoughts with them and believe me, they used to hear and respond to everything… They had become my life, my best friends! And then one day, I lost both of them. It is still one of the most terrible pains I have ever exprienced in life.

My mother in law used to own a cat called Minni. It was an integral part of our family! Infact, my mom never considered it as an animal. It was like a fourth child to her. You will think I am bluffing if I tell you that my mom used to feed it with éclairs, boiled eggs, and pop corns! It used to sleep alongside mom… and then, one day we faced the same ending again… It just left us! My mom became alone, she missed it terribly, I had never seen her crying so much! She dint had food for around 4 days till she became very weak and it became a necessity for her to have something…  She got into depression for days! And it was a pain for all of us to see her in that state.

Then, after that I decided no more pets for me and my family as well! I was in no mood to face the pain of loving somebody for more than 10 years and then getting separated from them forever!!

But I couldnt keep this promise! One fine day, a friend of ours (mine and my hubbys) gifted us a turtle. Initially, I was very excited but then again, my fear made me skeptical! I wasn’t ready for it… I mean one: Its like having a baby. A pet is a big responsibility, you just cant leave them alone… Two: I dint want to get attached to somebody and then experience its loss again!

But I felt somewhere that my mom and my hubby really wanted it! So, the first thing I did was to google the average life span of a turtle and it came out to be 50-80 years. I was super happy, I got a pet which could live with us forever! That one search made me take my decision immediately! I was ready to own a pet. 

But still, I wanted to know more about turtles so I researched rigorously about them. Wanted to know what they eat, how they live, are they safe, do they feel happy with humans, are they solitary or sociable! And almost all my questions were answered into something positive! So, then finally I agreed to bring it home. And believe me, it was so so so cute that I could have never imagined. After seeing it, the first thought that came to my mind was I would have really missed something if my decision would have been the other way round!

If I have to describe it, all I can say is it has 2 little eyes, and 2 tiny holes in the name of a nose… Though, couldn’t find its ears, searched a lot for them. I really wanted it to hear me, hear my voice! Its green in color and is as small as an index finger! Today is its 3rd day with us and we are already in love with it.
For the first 2 days, it was so quiet, calm and silent. We thought its not connecting with us, its not liking the environment. But it proved us wrong today morning. We took it out and kept it in a shoe box so that it could walk around… And we all left it there for 2 mins and when we were back, what we saw totally astonished us! It was not there in the box. We had almost got a heartattack as it is so small that it would have been almost impossible to find it. It was so difficult for us to believe that such a small, silent creature has actually jumped from such a huge box!!

We searched for it for around an hour and then finally got it in the pocket of a bag!!! My god, then I realized this being is not as calm as we thought it would be!

And when I came back from office today, and went to see it, you should have seen its excitement. It was almost jumping in the water, was almost dancing... I loved the view. It was taking out its head out of water again and again, as if to call me! I felt like it was waiting for me for the whole day! Animals can really love you, trust you without any expectation, without any hope. They just want little love and attention from you and that’s it, they will be yours forever.

I played with it for around an hour and just cherish those moments. I forgot all my worries, all my pains for that 1 hr! LoveD it…. And also, my mom is so fond of it. Even she loves to play with it... And it has a certain power to bring a smile on her face! And this makes me fall in love with this small little creature again and again!

BTW, its name is tutu! Welcome home, my tutu...


  1. Tutu is a beautiful creature and he is in absolute love with Shivani - i can vouch for it! :)


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