Monday, August 24, 2015

The day I fell in love...

And that was the day....
The day I discarded my life,
The day I abandoned everything...
I fell in love…
The feeling, that emotion was so intense and strong,
That it left me with a surge of bewilderment
‘Coz I never remember being in love ever, with so much madness, with so much fervor

I fell in love with the man who did everything possible to make me fall for him
The man who took all my pains away and gave me smiles instead
The man who kissed me so passionately every morning I woke up
The man who made me laugh and whom I called my soul mate

I fell in love with the lady who was sitting there in the corner
Her beautiful face looked so pale and lifeless
She: who bought me into this world and lived for me throughout
She: who made me walk, and taught me all the intricacies of life

I fell in love with that strong man, who never shed a tear in his entire life
But today, he was standing there drenched in his own waters
He who always protected and supported me by being the pillar of my life
But today, he seemed to be so weak, so fragile, something forcing his back to crouch

I fell in love with those 2 young girls, who walked with me always
Who fought with me, who laughed with me, who cried with me,
With whom I shared all my obsessions, my fancies, my chocolates and my dark secrets

I fell in love with that handsome young boy, whose eyes always sparkled with million dreams
But today instead of those gigantic dreams, all I see is pain in those beautiful eyes…
Wait! Are they even moist?

I fell in love with these people, whom I called friends…
They stood next to me throughout my journey like an angel
They: who always gave me my doze of happiness in the time of sorrows

I fell in love with those books that had the imprints of my moist fingers on them
They still carried the marks of my tears on their pages, a token of my emotions
They had so many words underlined that were supposed to be looked out for,
They still had dates on the front page and notes of my opinion on the last

I fell in love with that sketchpad and those brilliantly colourful pencils, that gave me a passion to be called mine, a reason to come back home

I fell in love with the guitar, that I never played
But had still kept it, in a hope to make it mine one day

I fell in love with that birthday dress, that made me look like a princess
I fell in love with those high heeled shoes, that took me to heights whenever I felt low
I fell in love with every brick of my home, that imbibed my fragrance

I fell in love with the girl lying down there, on the floor
I fell in love with her dark brown eyes, her nose, her ears and her toes
I fell in love with her skin tone, with every inch of her frame
I fell in love with her beauty that I never admired
I fell in love with her heart, her zeal, her passion, her wildness, her abnormality and her insanity
And all I was thinking was, how could I not fall in love with her before?
How could I kill her?

And there I was, lonely falling in love with everything precious that I ever had…

And then, there was a voice calling me upon, and I said, “Can I get a chance to live again”
There was a reply, “You will…”
And all I could say was, “No… Can I get a chance to live my same old life?”
The silence fell upon everything...


  1. This was beautifully crafted, the words and vividness bring to life the emotions. A wonderful piece indeed, well done!

    1. Thank u Blogratti! I am so glad u liked it :):):)


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