Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memories reloaded : Lessons learnt!

I wrote this post on 15th morning! But could'nt post it that day as it was a mad day! So here it is:
Its morning and still my excitement is same! It has not reduced even a bit… Last night, I actually compelled myself to sleep! Why is it so hard to sleep when you are thrilled!
Today is a little special day for me because of many reasons! One yesterday we have finished 100 posts on our website! Yes, 100… I am so so happy about that… only we 4 know how much effort it has taken for us to reach here… Only we 4 know to what extent, we had to keep ourselves motivated to finish this remarkable number.
Second thing is I will be going to my old organization for a party tonight! This really means a lot to me… a lot. That too I will not be going as a part of that organization but as a part of their client! This is so superb… Leaving that company was one of the worst and most painful things that ever happened to me! I was and infact, I am in love with that organization. I worked there for 4 years and I worked there as if its my own company. Working in that organization was just not “doing a job” kind of thing for me. It was almost my life. I had given my whole and soul to every bit, to every inch of work I did there! Nobody can understand this love. But believe me, its true. I loved that company, the people out there… its not that I always had my best days there, even I had been through ups and downs in that organization like everybody but still, I loved it… loved each and every bit of it… loved the people there… loved everything about it. But I was wrong. It’s not good to get emotionally attached to any organization because whatever you do, for a organization you will just remain a mere employee! One person with power can destroy all you did in just few days… and nobody can dare to question him not even you! If you are emotionally attached to your work and company, you will surely feel a terrible and unbearable pain! So better is to work, and go home! My husband used to always explain me this but I never listened to him. Because everything was going on perfect till one fine day, that one powerful man came and spoiled everything! Everything! Probably he is somebody I hate like anything and can’t stand… But I know one day he is going to pay for what he did with me, what he did with many many others! For me, I am in a very good position, very happy, much better than the previous one! The only thing is I still miss the people, my gang… but there are many others who are still struggling! I feel sad for them. Wish I could help them!
I am very happy today as I will face him today! I will face him as his client… I wish I could expose him in front of everybody, expose his dirty politics which he does with everybody! But then i feel whos he for me, whos he in my life. Nothing! I will never be able to forget him, forgive him for what he did but will surely not allow it (by thinking about what happened) to spoil my days, my happiness further! Everything happens in life so that you can learn a lessonJ
But yes, I will not even stop waiting for the day when he will pay back for every wrong thing he did. I know somewhere he will have to face it…

I have my lesson learnt that work hard wherever you are, be honest with it, put your best to it! Because I believe that a person who cannot be honest to his work can never be honest to anybody and anything in this world! So work hard for those 8 hrs which you spend in your office! But do not make it your life, do not think that its your own company and please do not ignore your family for anything because for your family, you are precious and for an organisation, you are just another human!! Love yourself, love your family after all they are ones for whom you are workingJJJ
Anyways, for now I am not going to spoil my mood further! Waiting for the evening, waiting to see what happensJ


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