Friday, November 4, 2011

Wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not a Tuxedo!

I was reading an interview of Priyanka Chopra in one of the magazines the other day and there was one thing which she said and which captivated my mind immediately and frankly, I do not remember anything from that interview apart from that one thing!

To some ques, she replied “Wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not like a tuxedo!!!”
Wowww… what a saying and how true… If you can carry your success in a subtle and a causal way, nothing like it… But that’s an art! Believe me! Carrying your success in a positive and a natural way is really not easy! I mean its like being flamboyant but in a natural way! But the problem here is presenting this flamboyancy into a natural way sans attitude which most of the people, unfortunately are incapable of doing!

Ahhhh…. And great are the people who sometimes cross limits of showing off! They just love to show off and cant live without it: They show off their wealth, their status, their success and some people are even much horrible! They love to show off their brands: of clothes, watches, shoes, goggles etc. and rather than looking classy, they look cheap, stupid and dumb! I am sure everyone would have crossed their ways with such people at one or the other point of life!

And worst is such people derive a sort of happiness from this pretentious act! They waste their time and energy in simply presenting their affluence and proving themselves superior to others based on materialistic things, which is so wrong! I mean others have nothing to do what brand you are wearing, rather they have something to do with if you are wearing a smile or not!

Others can love you for what you are but they can never love you for what you have!
So, wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not a Tuxedo!


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