Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Magic of Mayawati's Maya in Indian Grand Prix!

There were few of my friends who were lucky enough to have a lifetime experience of F1 Race. Frankly speaking, I just had a fair idea of what actually F1 is and nothing more than that… <bad on my part!!!>

Anyways, so they described the whole scene there and believe me, they all went gaga over it. The way they described it, even I could imagine that it would have been an astounding and marvelous thing to watch. They and off course all the people going there would have never imagined that it will be so fantastic and incredible. According to them, the Budh International Circuit was something which can easily pass any International standards.

Everybody who went to see this race would have gone there with a doubt, would have been little skeptic and actually, would have been expecting some flaws: little or big! But it all went so well that people came out happy and praising!

But whatever you do: there are always few people who are always there to criticize. They are capable of finding faults in any and every thing. I heard in some news channel somebody was cribbing over the millions spent over building the infrastructure! According to the critics, why to spend so much on a sport because we have so many poor people starving!

I really felt like getting into the television and asking these morons that what have they done to help the needy people? And also, if spending on this sport was a wastage then I think, spending on any sport is a wastage! Be it the biggest one of all called Cricket! We all will not die if we will not host any of the cricket matches! But then there are few things which are important for a country to do place itself on the world map! And I guess F1 was one of them!

And yes, there were some critics who bought the CWG thing in between saying, have we forgotten what happened then, so how can we again take chance? So, want to tell them, are we not going to host any games in future because of the CWG incident. Should we stop organizing all the sports because we are scared of some greedy and dumb politicians? Should we? No…

India has proved that they have the capacity and capability to deliver whatever big projects comes to us! And no doubt, this time the credit goes completely to Mayawati. Hats off to her. Now even if she places her statues all over India, nobody would mind. Despite several apprehensions in the wake of the bad experience of CWG last year that attracted a lot of criticism, this international event was flawlessly executed and successfully delivered!

I even read somewhere that Mayawati takes a cut in every deal cleared for her state… But does that matter… Atleast she delivered what was expected.. Infact she delivered more than expectations!! Then, why shouldn’t we appreciate her? Its ok if she or her relatives have taken cuts in building up this BIC.  Nobody minded or will mind! Because everyone is happy with the results not like CWG, where politicians have eaten a whole lot of amount of money and even then, didn’t deliver anything! It was such a disgrace that people of India would never ever forget it!!!
Anyways, so its time for us Indians to feel proud of having delivered such a big event with such a remarkable success!!!J

Keep smiling alwaz!

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