Saturday, November 19, 2011

Speed of time changes with time???

Its mid of Nov’ 2011… Feel like just few days back, I celebrated the New Year and welcomed 2011! Just few days back, 2011 was an adolescent and suddenly, I realized that it had already become old and is on the verge of succumbing! And I started mulling over my head in thinking when did it passed through all the phases? Where was I when the transformation of this year was happening from a baby to a teenager, then a youth, then an adult and now, when its old, I suddenly realized!

Where was I???  What was I doing???

Arghhh!!!!…. Can’t get a detailed answer… all I could remember is I was too busy with my work, with my career, with my life! But that time, little did I realized, I was losing a precious year from my life which can never ever be compensated or reimbursed whatever I do!

Gone are the school days when years never used to pass so rapidly! Forget Years, days never used to pass so easily! We used to think, crib every day why the academic year is not moving quickly… We also had a rush to reach to the next standard. But in those days, time used to pass like hell… Literally, we used to count each and every day! Now, I speculate how come the time has started flying away these days so swiftly that counting the days is far apart, we are not even able to count the years!!

In school, a single day used to look so extended. And in that one single day, we used to finish so much work… starting from going to school and tuitions, playing games, spending time with friends and family, watching TV, finishing homework, finishing all the meals properly and even after doing so much in 1 day, we used to get at least 8-10 hours for a astound and relaxing sleep! I mean now, it all looks like something which is impossible, something unattainable…

Now sleep is a luxury! Playing games is a treat! Spending time with friends is now limited to some weekends, spending time with the family is something which depends completely on chance, Watching TV is what we manage to do while doing other important work and meals: it’s a lavishness

Life now seems to be running! And we: we are running behind it, chasing it, trying to catch up with it and in all this running and scampering  we are forgetting everything around us! Bizarre!

But why are we running behind life, what is that which is compelling us to do that, what is that which is making us forget everything? Don’t know… I just know whatever it is was not there when we were young! And that is why we used to get time for everything…

Wish I could bring back that time, wish I could bring back that life, Wish I could do everything which I used to do in my adolescent age! Wish I could again afford to be careless, Wish I could enjoy each and every second of the day, wish I had time daily to spend with my friends, wish I still had maa-paa to take care of me and everything around me, wish I still had time to fight with my siblings, wish I had no tensions, no stress, wish life could appear as simple as it used to, wish I had never ever got introduced to all the tensions and stress, wish I had never got acquainted to the hurdles and real life, wish I could just and just enjoyyyyy…  

As a child, I used to think when will I grow up and now, I wish I could again become a child! Remembering the old saying that the grass is always green on the other side! I don’t know about this side but yes, it is always green and fresh at the other end!

But keep smiling alwazzzzz whatever it isJJJ because Life is definitely beautiful….

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