Monday, November 7, 2011

How many pairs of slippers do one need to survive?

Today morning was like a mess as usual. I was running here and there to finish all the household things and then to get ready for work on time! 
Then suddenly my maid came in the room and called me… Since I was in a hurry, I looked at her and gestured to say fast. She just said one sentence which made me stood where I was and made me forgot everything else.
She said “Amma, do you have a pair of spare chappals!” I was little stunned at the question. Before I could say anything, she just explained that she went to a temple yesterday and lost her slippers there.

Actually I was not looking out for this answer because the question in my mind was not that how come she lost her slippers. The thing I wanted to know was “Did she come bare feet to work today?” and “doesn't she have one more pair of slippers?” I was worried because I know her house was as far as around 9-10 kms from ours…from where she has to cross a railway line as well which is offcourse full of stones and all. I couldn’t even imagine that someone could walk so much distance bare feet!

I asked her the same questions and she answered “yes” to former one and “No” to the later one! I was stunned! I was sad! I was depressed! But I dint show any of these feelings to her because I believe showing sympathy to someone is equal to making fun of his/her situation! I hate to sympathize to somebody and just hate when someone does the same to me!

Anyways, I gave her 2 pair of slippers and asked her not to walk bare feet ever again…
Once she went off, I sat there on the bed for 5mins and kept on thinking about the struggle which these people have to go through. We crib about small small things which we have to face sometimes in our lives. Think about these people who have to face hardships every day, every hour! And even then they don’t crib. They smile and take life as it comesJ
I was thinking that almost every woman of middle class (being specific here) would for sure, owns atleast 10 pairs of footwear. Think about lower class. They hardly own a pair and that too because its something which is a necessity in life! Else they would abort this as well the same way they do with many other luxuries!
I felt bad. i actually do not have words to describe what I felt at that time, infact what I am feeling right now as well!
But I took my piece of learning from this incident. We should not crib at every small thing happening with us. We should smile and just let it go thinking this is just another small situation which we have to face in this huge journey called life. We should thank God for not making us fall into some bigger problem! And never try to copy people, who are above you, just look at them who are below you. and you will surely feel relieved and happy!
Keep smiling alwaz!

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