Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some things are meant to be kept safe alwaz!

I wrote the below post on 31st July but again, as usual couldn’t post it on the same day! Lazy meL So, posting it today:
Today’s my birthday! Its so weird to declare it… Right? Especially when you are grown up… But why is it so? Because when we are small, we do not get scared of anything! We give a damn to what people will think if we say or do any particular thing. When small, we just do whatever we want to, we just say whatever we wish to… Then why is it so that as we grow up, we start giving so much attention to people’s opinion; about what they will think, what they will say if I do so or say so!  We tend to change when we grow up. I mean yes, there are some changes which comes by maturity and which are extremely necessary… But there are few other changes which I guess are not important to inherit, I mean you can do or you can grow up well without bringing these changes in your life or in your personality! And infact, bringing or not bringing these changes, doesn’t affect us in any way! Yes, this implies with the fact that you shouldn’t bother about what people think about you…
Even today, I love to announce, shout and tell everybody around me that its my bday! Infact, I start shouting from a month prior to my bday’s month! Its not because of any particular reason but just because I used to do so when I was small and this is among those few things of my childhood which I have still kept somewhere safe inside me and within me. It is among those few things which I have not changed deliberately and infact I even dint let them change naturally and automatically as a part of growing up because in the process of growing up, we just forget about these changes which start happening automatically in our personality!
I guess, all of us should keep few things of our childhood always alive within us. Just don’t care what people say or think. You should feel good and proud of keeping these few things of childhood secured and then, believe me you will also stop thinking and bothering about people as I did! Its not easy to keep any materialistic thing from childhood with you, but its very easy to keep these emotional things safe which can always remind you of your old days! And these things also help you to keep that cute innocence of a child alive in you for always J so whats the harm?

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