Monday, December 19, 2011

Whats goin on?

Wrote the below post on 10th of this month but just dint get time to post it!! Bad on my part:(
Posting it today with a promise that will post all the blogs on time going forward because delays really make me feel so guilty!!

There have been so much going around in our country at this moment majorly in the 2 most important or rather talked about fields i.e. politics, entertainment!
In Entertainment, Vidya Balan had sizzled everyone by her sizzling performance in Dirty Picture. She received a hell lot of praise from top bollywood people. And I guess, she also deserves it.. I mean guess she is the most versatile actor in our film industry and I don’t think or see anything wrong in the way she exposed. Guess, that was the demand of the script! and also, she just dint only expose, she even gave an applauding performance! We all would have witnessed many bollywood movies in which there is only and only exposure and no performance! I have seen people criticizing her… I really don’t know when will our society get rid of hypocritical thoughts! Hats off to her for being successful in challenging a prudish society’s obsolete and antiquated rules.

2nd most important topic which is like topping the charts is Veena Malik’s nude shoot for FHM… I don’t know why do media give so much leverage to such publicity hungers like Veena malik, poonam pandey! These people are all together from a different genre! I mean they just and just need publicity may be at any cost… which is so weird! And I believe this whole drama had been plotted by VM and FHM magazine together to get the hype which our stupid media had already given them! FHM would have surely sold few extra issues and for VM, she has been able to create the stir which she wanted before her program “Swamvar” starts! Dear media, plz stop wasting the valuable space in your newspapers and websites on these idiotic people!
And the 3rd most spoken thing was “Why this Kolaveri di?” … I think there is no need for me to say anything else… everyone knows the answer of this ques “Why this Kolaveri di, Kolaveri di, Kolaveri di?”

Ok, enough of entertainment. Lets go to the hot topics in Politics…
First would be no doubt Kapil Sibal who has done such a lousy and stupid act of trying to preach Indians the lessons on things that are morally unacceptable! Why was he not concerned about provocative material or the abuse and misuse of social networking sites before? This act of KS just looks like one more act to please Madam… Guess KS or rather congress is scared of the stir or the revolutions which these social sites are capable to generating these days. But what do they think of themselves? Somebody plz tell them we are living in democracy and ask them not to try to be dictatorial or else, the repercussions can really be bad, something which this party could have never imagined! The youth of today is not at all ready to take any sort of nonsense from anybody. And it is almost impossible to impose your oppressive rules on them! And to Ms. SG, plz don’t try to walk on the step of your mom in law! She had the capability to take the fire, you lack in that big time! So, be in your limits and behave like the servants of the people of the country and not like bloody kings!

Second most spoken topic recently was the slap imbedded on Sharad pawar!!! It was so unbelievable… I mean have anybody would have thought that a common man will ever be able to slap any of our union ministers! No, never… But this whole incident made Harvinder singh a hero for the youth. People were going gaga over his name and were full of ecstacy to know the recipient of the slap. Forget the rightness and wrongness of Harvinder’s action. I mean yes it was uncivil and undemocratic  and blah blah but for now, just look @ the response this mango man has got! So, our political parties should understand this fact that they are preparing the young India for a new revolution in which the defeat is for sure, gonna be theirs!
And the recent is Anna Hazare’s agitation again… which is no doubt commendable! I appreciate the way this man had been stuck to his demands and promises! His courage couldn’t come down despite of many attacks from the Govt on him and his team but this man is here again… Hats off to him and may you be the winner because your victory is gonna be the victory of whole India and the Indians! So, proud of you…

So this is all about going around us... Lets see what future brings for us:)
Keep smilin alwaz:)

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