Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My first Tattoo:)

 I really want to write about my experience on getting a permanent tattooJ

I wanted a tattoo since long because of many reasons. But the main reason was that I saw a tattoo on the actress’s ankle in the song from the movie Namesake, which is called “ye mera deewanapan hai”.! I was so fascinated by seeing that… It looked so stylish, so marvelous! Since then I wanted to have it…

But then few of my friends said that a tattoo is not worth the pain you take while putting that… some said it spoils your skin and start looking ugly after sometime! So after listening to all these things, I dropped the idea but then somewhere inside me I really wanted to have one!

Then last week, out of the blue this weird feeling of having a tattoo again emerged in my head… I spoke to few of my friends and they all were really negative about it. All of them told me about the pain. One even said that the pain is like as if lacs of injections are being injected in your body and that too at one single point of time… other said its like drilling machine making a hole in your skin! I was so petrified after listening to all this! One friend of mine even said that it is not something which good girls should put. Its shows indecency! I was like what? Tattoo shows indecency… I couldn’t stop laughing at such a conventional thinking of few people! They judge whether a girl is bad or good on the basis of if she has a tattoo or not… BTW, I could never ever understand the definition of a good and a bad girl… Though it’s a different story… But when this topic has aroused, I can’t stop myself from mentioning a quotation here which goes like this “Good girls are those bad girls who never get caught”…

Anyways, back to my tattoo story! So then I decided on Friday evening that I am going to put a tattoo whatever it takes. I took an appointment from a well known tattoo artist. Then we went to him on Sunday! Believe me, while selecting the design, a fight was going on in my mind that whether I should do it or not. I was in doubt! Somehow I selected the design and he asked us to wait outside. All the time sitting outside I was thinking to run away from there. I was thinking what am I doing and for what? Why do I want to take so much pain? And while all this was going on in my mind, the tattoo artist called us in. Believe me, my heart started beating harder. Then I saw the needle which he was about to use. I cannot explain what I felt after seeing that. I wanted to run away! I dint wanted that needle to drill down in my skin and that too not for 1or 2 mins but for good 20-25 mins!

I closed my eyes and decided not do see anything, the design, the scary machine, the needles, the colors and nothing at all… But for how long a person can keep the eyes closed.

And then I felt the first touch of that terrifying device on my skin and I dint knew how to react. I mean, it wasn’t that much pain that I should scream but it wasn’t even so less that I should have remained expressionless! It was a completely different feeling. Yes, there was pain, I can’t deny but not that much as people described. The whole event was no doubt painful but still, there was something which kept me still and calm! May be the hope of seeing a beautiful design on my body! But the most horrible thing in this whole incident was not pain, it was the weird sound of that instrument. Arggghhh… it was so annoying. It was exactly like a drilling machine!

And by the end of 20-25 mins, I was completely exhausted of taking the horrible pain. But then, after seeing a beautiful angel on my ankle, my all exhaustion just passed away! I was superbly happy. I cannot describe that feeling in words and believe me, it is something which is definitely worth the pain I took for it. It is one of my prized possessionJ and I am so proud of itJ

And yes, I really wanna thank my hubby because he was there for me the whole time!! He made me believe that I can go for it… Even while the designing of the tattoo and I was in pain, he was trying to make me smile all throughJ He took a magazine and was showing me the pictures of the actresses and was asking me how her dress, see what she wore and all because he knows I love to see all that stuffJ muaah to him for standing next to meJ

And yes, let me make one more thing clear here that people told me before that it pains terribly for 10-15 days after you put a tattoo but my experience is that pain is something which is unthinkable. I cant even feel that I had done something on my ankle. Its so so normal!!! There is no pain, no itching at all!

And after doing this, I took learning for myself that do not assume anything impossible by just listening to some stories. Ignore all the stories, go ahead, do what you want to do, and then shape up your opinion for the thing based on your own experience! And believe me it will be so different from what you would have heard about it!!

And now I want to do all those things of which I am really scared of, learning swimming being on priority!!

Keep smiling alwaz!!

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