Monday, November 4, 2013


I often hear people labeling Jealousy as a bad trait. I mean from childhood, we are being taught and fed about the huge difference between two kind of things. Yes, good things and bad things. Everything in this world is divided in just these 2 buckets: Good and bad! And generally Jealousy is being dumped into the later category.

But is it really that bad? Now, you will very conviniently answer "it depends on the situation". Yes, true. It really depends on the circumstances and the situation where one feels jealous. But isnt it a normal human trait? Isnt it something that is wired into our hardware? The quantity depends on  individual to individual.

But wouldnt you think about the other side of jealousy? You feel jealous when someone you love goes around with someone else or cares about someone too much or even if someone takes care of them. Yes, you feel jealous. Why in the world is that considered so wrong? It simply means you love the person so much that you just want him for yourself. You care about him to such an extent that you dont want to share them with anyone else. Now, whats wrong with that? Would you feel jealous for anybody walking on the road doing the same? Or fine, lets take a more refined example. Would you feel jealous for even your friends going around with someone? No, you wont.
 Then, feeling jealous for that someone special is natural. I can bet it and even saints can be tested for that and it just indicates that you love the person too much to let him go to someone else. Period!!!

BTW, I am not here trying to defend the whole jealousy thing. Just trying to show the little good and cute side of it. And over-doing of anything can spoil the whole stuff. Jealousy is actually like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor but too much can spoil the taste.

So, keep it nice and sweet because a real relationship has fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, arguments, patience, secrets, jealousy and love. So, feel jealous, just dont let it kill your relationship. Jealousy is actually a sign that shows how much you care or love someone:)

And BTW, even the person on the other end feels good and enjoys this jealousy because isn't it always good to know that someone is afraid to lose you?

Yes, I feel jealous
And I admit that
I feel jealous of every girl 
That talks to you even for a single second
I feel jealous of every girl 
That makes you feel special even for a single second
I feel jealous of every girl
Who mattered to you even for a single second
I am jealous of every girl 
That hugged you even for a single second
'Coz for that one second,
She had the feel of my entire world
'Coz of that one second,
My whole world revolved around her
But as they say, if you dare to fall in love
Jealousy is surely the first casualty

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