Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Me to Myself

Dear 22 yr old me,

How are you? Oh sorry, Let me ask you in your style, what's up? Hows life? I know quite busy... Busy in catching up with the swift pace of life, busy in proving yourself. BTW, to whom??? Oh!! You are busy in getting an answer to that as well!

Its not your fault. That's the aggression that comes with this age. But have you observed that you are becoming a workaholic. You don't think so? Yeah? Then what are you doing in office at 11 pm? Why cant you sleep for one night without thinking about your clients, your work, about your boss and yes, about your competition at work? Why are you unable to enjoy anything in your life?

Your family came to visit your place for the first time. And you did not even take a day's off to be with them!!! Is this acceptable? No. They went back without complaining. But you missed few very precious moments of your life.

BTW, did you have lunch today? No, you dint and you don't even remember that. Why? You were busy. There was an important project delivery today! And dinner? You missed that too dear, because you were just too tired to cook.

Why do you worry so much about everything? About work? The competition is killing you. Did you observe? You are becoming a different person. You have already killed all that you used to love doing. You have already forgotten your hobbies.

Don't get infuriated. I don't mean to criticize you. I just want to tell you to hold for a moment, as you are killing me!!! Your tomorrow. I just want to tell you that its not that bad as it looks. Your future is safe. You have a good life ahead. You really do not have to kill yourself by thinking and stressing yourself. By over-working for the heck of "safe guarding" your career and your future. I just want to tell you, it will be good, any which ways!

Take this advice from a lil grown up and lil matured you, do not run behind things that are not going to help you in becoming happy in anyway. They are actually killing you, they are creating an urge in you that is unquenchable. And this urge will never let you sleep easy, will never let you be happy and contented and this all matters in life!

Be with your family, enjoy spending time with them, you will never get this time again. Do what you always wanted to do, go out and have fun with your friends!!! And that will give you real happiness, and to me too

Do not waste these precious moments. Please

Love and best regards,
29 years old you


  1. Would be great if such letters can reach the intended age. I have tried doing the reverse though... Wrote stuff that was to be read 5 years later about things I wanted to do etc... Interesting experience checking off the checkboxes in such letters

  2. hahahaha... I completely agree!!! I wish I cud get a similar letter from a 'later' me, may be:)


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