Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The changing facet of FB

Facebook! A name that has impacted everyone's life, for few in a huge way and for others, in small fragments. But Facebook is certainly influencing everyone's life, the quantum might vary.

It was, initially and majorly, a very powerful source of connecting with your friends from school and college, with whom you wouldn't have been ever able to make a connection otherwise. Its a blessing that way!

But lately rather than just being a medium of getting connected with your friends, people have started using it as a platform for showing off, showing off everything, everything that they have and everything that they do not even have, everything that they possess, everything that do not even own, which includes both materialistic and emotional things

They vent out their anger on their walls, they flaunt their happiness, they drown in their sadness. FB wall has actually become a showcase for every damn feeling they have.Its a open personal diary

For them, Facebook has become a virtual home:)  For others, its a medium to just let their acquaintances and friends know about their valuable possessions and achievements. No offence intended:)

This is not at all an acquisition. No! Who am I to judge anyone, when even I am a part of the same:) How dare I point out fingers at others when three of them are pointing towards me? Ouch! It hurts! But the truth is yes, even I am a part of it at times. How? Let me tell you.

On a usual day, while getting bored of my rather insipid life, wanting to kill my time, desperate to get rid of my monotonous schedule, I look upto Facebook for help.

Now, let me take you through my FB experience, I open my FB page, see a status of one of my friends, "Friday blast! Time to party...!".


What did I do?

Take a breath and click on like!

 I scroll down, another status from one of my another friend, "Had an amazing day in the wilderness. Life is beautiful". Sigh!

What did I do?

Like and move down.

Here comes a set of pictures from one of my friends holidaying in Paris, with crazy and fun filled poses. Sign.

What did I do?

Like. Move down...

A cousin of mine, "Thank you my love for this beautiful ring! I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you".

What did I do?

Like and here, commented "I am so happppyyyyyyyyy and thrilledddd. wowwww... Congrats!!!!!" with a boring and murky face, with no expressions to match with the words I just scribbled! And then, I scroll down.

And I go through the same zillion of stories and tales of my friends, cousins, acquaintances etc depicting their fun-filled and amazing life!

BTW, I even go through some amazingly hilarious posts like

" 'm the princessss of mah own world!" (Yeah!!! and we are slaves of our own world)

Some idiotic selfies with "Mah, mayself" (We all are someone else!!!)

"Heartbreak </3" (I am sorry!!! but even this 'serious' msg looks hilarious when posted on a FB wall)

"Forevaaaa 2gther!" (No comments!!! These 'Forevaaaa 2gther' couples are the most irritating ones on FB)

Anyways, what did I do? With a sulky feeling in the heart, with no zeal, passion or excitement, I go to my status, select a feelings icon of "excited"!

I shut down my lappy and dive deep into my sleep filled with crazy dreams.

But then, my brain starts mulling over few questions like why do we love to show each and every part of our happiness, happiness that exist and happiness that we crave for, the pretentious one. May be its just a way to get rid of your monotonous life (the way I did!). Is this, all that we see true or just a fallacy??? Or is it a way for them to hide the boring and sad part of their lives? Or do we intend to make others jealous!

What is it??? Nobody knows! 


  1. Thinking lead to more thinking and more thinking, it is because of thinking that we are in a whole big mess right know, we are more fascinated by emailing text messaging watching TV wars Sunami, violence, love we always try to fix world the problems those exist because our mind has created them, what good in all thinking if it does not lead to greater happiness thinking, acting, doing should be in balance after all we are human beings not human doings


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