Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love being a girl

Its just so amusing with a fragment of annoyance, when girls make fun of the 'girly' stuff that 'other' girls do!
 I am sure you would have often heard the below cliches from almost all of your girlfriends (now, be honest!)

"I am just not so girly"
"I am so different!"
"I don't have any qualities of being a girl"
"I am more of boyish kinds"
"I hate when girls bitch around"
" I just like to hang around with boys"
"I don't like doing makeup like girls"
"I hate girls who do make up"

In fact, I have literally seen girls imitating the 'girly' characteristics. For them, everything that a 'normal' girl does is a drama and exaggeration. Walking, talking, screaming, shouting, dancing,  and literally, almost everything done in a 'girly' way is a matter of amusement for them!

Why? Why are we, being girls, are so humiliated of these traits which are hard-wired into us by God! Why are we  so much embarrassed of possessing "girl's" traits! Why do we feel so uncomfortable in accepting the fact that yes, we have 'girly' qualities and we behave in 'girly' ways! Why to feel mortified in using the words like "ouch" "uff" "OMG!"! Do it...

I mean, we are biologically girls then obviously, we are supposed to behave like a girl and we should be proud of that fact but instead, most of us make fun of this thing, deny to possess and own these aspects and characteristics of being a girl, we, in fact slur these qualities.

There are many other amazing qualities that girls possess. Few adjectives that immediately run down to your mind when you think about this word called girl are Beauty, Love, Balanced, Sincerity, conviction, passion, emotional, courageous! When we do not shy away in accepting those, then why do we make such a hullabaloo in accepting the other qualities?

You say, girls of full of drama, when they scream, shout or say "ouch"? I say, you are full of drama, with ample of superficiality, who disguise their 'girly' qualities in an aspiration of being considered as cool. You say, girls are stupid and dumb? I say, you are dumb, because you  are the one, who droops in between the fact of being a girl and the fact that you do not want to have 'girly' traits.

And then we, girls feel bad when boys make fun of us! When we cant respect ourselves, why would boys do? When we are the ones, who insults the fact of being a girl, why would boys not insult us? When we are the ones, who cant feel good about our 'girly' qualities, why would boys feel good about it? When we are the one, who describes 'being a girl' as being dumb, why wouldn't boys label us as dumb?

Anyways, all I can say is its a beautiful feeling of being a girl, its absolutely stunning to behave like a girl. Do it, and you will fall in love with yourself. Be proud of being a girl, rather than being embarrassed about it...

Keep Smiling always:)


  1. Its awesome....... Keep writing .......keep blessing us

  2. Powerful post this one is :) Well, just my opinion, there are girls who are bindaas with actually less drama and are beautiful (and are happy being a girl and don't give a fig about being 'girly' or not, or so is what I think :D)


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