Sunday, November 18, 2012

Success: Whats your definition?

Today morning, I saw an ad of dulux where Farhan Akhtar is seen saying few very intense and enchanting dialogues about success, passion, imaginations etc... Anyways, immediately after seeing that ad, I asked my husband: What do you think success is? and he gave such an amazing answer. He said "Success is getting what you want." So true!

Then I looked for the dictionary meaning of success. There were 2: 1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose and 2. gaining wealth and status. I was upset!!! Why do everyone always link the word success to words like "Aim", "purpose", "wealth" and "status". So, people who don't have anything from this list but are still happy cannot be considered as successful??? I asked the same question about "What success is" to myself. And my mind immediately responded "when one feels happy and contented is when one is successful" and I was happy from my definition! and BTW, I truly believe in it.

How can you label yourself with the successful tag if you have loads and loads of wealth but no satisfaction, no time to enjoy that wealth and all you aim for 24X7 is about its safety, about how to increase it!

BTW, No offence to anybody. The meaning of success is different for different individuals. In this post, its all about my definition about it.

I always wonder how can one really declare of having achieved success merely by achieving materialistic goals, aims, wealth? That's it??? Don't you think its like depreciating the value of this amazing word called success? I think so! Success is something which is much much beyond these mere materialistic words. For me, words like happiness, peace, satisfaction, enjoying life defines success. I might be sounding like a crazy saint. But its ok, I say what I believe in from inside.

Guys, piling up wealth, achieving a status, accumulating tons of money can never ever give you peace, happiness and satisfaction beyond a certain point! All they give is more hunger for more money, gives you much higher aims to achieve and all you keep doing for the whole life is fulfilling that hunger.

Nobody in this rat race ever thinks about the end. Are we not mortals? Are we going to live forever? Does anybody know what will happen after one's demise? I mean will one get another chance to live and breathe on this beautiful planet and that too as a human being! Now think, does it really matter how much wealth one has accumulated? At the end, everybody is going to meet at the same point:) I am sure God is not going to have different chambers for "successful" and "unsuccessful" beings...

I am not saying stop working and just enjoy! No, that's like demeaning life. All I want to say is try to give a small share of this word "Success" to words like happiness, peace, enjoyment! Give them some space in your busy lives. If you can't create a 50-50 balance between ambitions and happiness then at least give a share of 20% to the later in your life. That will be more than enough to change the meaning of success for you. Believe me...

You remember as kids, small things used to make us smile, make us happy? I think back then we were more successful as compared to today. Wish we had a barometer to measure success and I am sure, it would have proved my point:D

Have you recently laid on your terrace and stared at those stars, the beautiful stars, the heart throbbing moon and felt them penetrating and sinking deep in your thoughts? Have you seen the beautiful sky and tried to create different shapes out of all those white dreamy clouds and felt them capturing your mind? Have you recently seen a flock of birds flying high and wished you were one of them? Have you recently bid a goodbye to a flying plane or a helicopter? This all sounds so crazy now? Isn't it? After all, we are not kids anymore, we are matured grown ups. It will be so embarrassing for us to do all this now. Right? hahhhh... We humans tend to live with so many illusions! Because we don't have time for all this, we ignore them saying that we would look like a fool doing these. You must have surely read the story of a fox who on being unable to get a few grapes, leaves them thinking "Those grapes are sour"! We all behave in the same manner...

Anyways, I believe in the opposite. All the above give me immense pleasure even today. You also try doing them and believe me, the happiness you will get is commendable, its beyond words...

Getting materialistic success had no meaning if you deprive yourself from small enjoyments and happiness guys:)

So, try to dedicate a small share from your busy lives to achieve the other (and real, for me!) part of success :)

Keep smiling alwaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzz and stay blessed:)))


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