Saturday, October 1, 2011

A trip to Kurnool!

I went to a town called Kurnool few days back for some office work… The plan made was so sudden that I just dint get time to book a ticket for train so I thought why not to go via bus! Because it has also been ages since I had travelled by this fantastic mode of conveyance (yes, it is fantastic if you know how to enjoy it!). So I took a bus at around 4.30 am and started my journey. I thought I would sleep on the way but I couldn’t because the beauty on the way dint let me sleep even for a single second. I was awake for the whole way and was appreciating the greenery and beauty around!
This is one of best things about south India. It’s Green. Once you are out of the premises of a city, all you will see is different versions of green colors. You don’t get to see it in Northern part as may be its too crowded or should I say too commercialized! Whatever…
I reached Kurnool at around 10 am. I liked everything about the place. I mean yeah it’s a small town but still, the simplicity of small towns is what attracts me, fascinates me! Everybody is so down to earth, modest in such places. This is what is amazing about small places. Everything looks beautiful as everything is simple…

I don’t know the local language of AP which is Telugu. It is quite manageable in cities like Hyderabad if one is ignorant of the native language but in small towns, it can really be a challenge to cop up with it… But then, you know there is one thing which is common in all the languages, you just have to use it and everything falls in place automatically and that is a Smile, a genuine smileJ. You really don’t need any words if you can afford to carry it for everybodyJ
Believe me! It can work wonders… There, whenever anybody used to say anything in Telugu, I used to simply smile genuinely and people used to understand that she doesn’t know Telugu but at the same time, my smile also used to manage to put an image of mine in their minds. They got to know me and then, it all went so easy! Without saying a single word, people started recognizing me and then, all I could see everywhere were smiling faces. They all were smiling at me… Where ever I was going, people were greeting me with a smile and all those beautiful smiles dint let me feel like an outsider even for a single second. What a pleasure!

What else you need?
When I was young, I had a poster which said:

Smile in trouble,
Smile in pain,
Smile when the tears pour like rain,
Smile when someone hurts your feelings
As you know smile is always healing!!!

Do I need to say anything else…Nahhhhh, I dont think so! 

Keep smiling forever and ever and everJJJ It really has the power to set things right…

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