Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!!!

I am sure the weirdness of the title would have astonished you… I got it from one of my friend. He never wishes anybody with a hi or a hello. His wishing style is unlike the usual style of wishing somebody when you meet him/her.  

When he meets somebody, he greets that person saying: Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday and so onJ and this chain only gets broken on the first of every month. On 1st, he greets people saying: Happy January, Happy February and so on… Isn’t it so different and so nice! I mean in just 2 words, he actually conveys so many things to a person: a hi, a wish for having a nice day, it surely makes a person smile, it surely gives a person happiness maybe just for 2 minsJ But isn’t those 2 mins far better than 2 mins of “no emotions”… What do you think?
Also, why not to celebrate each and every day of life! Why just to wish a Happy New Year, A Happy Diwali, A Happy Holi, A Happy Eid, A Merry Christmas?? Why not to change everyday into a festival by wishing every day as a Happy day...J
Seeing him, even I have started wishing people as “Happy Monday”, “Happy Tuesday” etc! People gets shocked in the first instance but then, I know they like it somewhereJ and gradually, they also start wishing me in the same style. That’s the effect this amazing greeting style has on people…

So, go ahead and give a person a smile for 2 mins… and yes, you don’t forget to smile as well…

Keep Smiling forever and ever and ever…JJJ


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  2. hmmm:)Seems like u've understood it as it was meant to be .

  3. here is my friend!!!!hehhehe... yeah i had.... n thanks to u:):):)


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